X-Men: First Class #9

X-Men: First Class #9 cover

It’s an all-girl issue! Which has already led to some wondering if their little boys will like it. To them I say, “learn a new perspective already.” If I could identify with Sherlock Holmes as a kid, boys can learn to want to be Marvel Girl. (Isn’t she the coolest X-man anyway?)

Ahem. Politics aside, this is the kind of superhero story where the powers are used creatively, there’s plenty of action, and yet the relationships come first.

Marvel Girl and the Scarlet Witch are friends. It’s nice to have a buddy who can identify with your struggles and has similar challenges. The two are ice-skating when they meet the Black Widow, who neatly splits them apart. She’s come to recruit the Witch for SHIELD, but before you can blink, things escalate drastically.

I love Jeff Parker’s writing because the characters are distinctive. They don’t all have the same voice, but different motivations and behaviors. I’m not familiar with the artists, but it’s refreshing to see work where the girls are feminine but not overly sexualized. Lots of diverse shots and panel arrangements, too.

So, another fine issue of this outstanding series, worth reading for all ages. Classic superhero action adventure with plenty of soap opera too. And a one-page humor strip drawn by Colleen Coover in which the Widow finds a new costume. Funny and pointed!

4 Responses to “X-Men: First Class #9”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    “(Isn’t she the coolest X-man anyway?)”

    Marvel Girl knows the Bat-tusi.

    ‘Nuff Said.

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  3. Dan Grendell Says:

    Foo on whether boys will like it. I loved it. And Colleen Coover is a treasure.

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