Glimpses of Big Ethel

For those wondering why I thought it was so odd that Ethel was a cheerleader in the Archie titles now, here’s what she used to look like, back when she was Big Ethel.


Buck teeth, messy hair, cross eyes, gawky broomstick figure. And check out that chin!

Ethel 2

Both of these were from Archie’s Joke Book #90, June 1963. It’s full of single-page strips showing teenage life in full bloom with transistor radios, beach dates, and TV and record and slumber parties.

I don’t know who Clarence was, or if he ever appeared again. But he’s not the only wacky one-shot type — meet Hal (from Archie’s Joke Book #97, February 1966).

Rat Race Archie

6 Responses to “Glimpses of Big Ethel”

  1. Dave Says:

    Didn’t Big Ethel have a crush on Jughead? At least that’s what I remember from some random episoded of “The Archies…” that I saw well over 30 years ago and had not thought of till I read your post.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, yes, that’s one of her recurring plotlines, that she wants Juggie to go out with her and he never does until she bribes him by buying him food.

  3. Anthony Says:

    That’s Ethel’s main running gag—that she has a crush on Jughead, with Jughead (of course) ignoring (or trying to ignore) Ethel’s affections…

  4. Dave Says:

    Gawd, I’ve got a head full of useless trivia. For what it’s worth I think the plot of the episode that I remember is that Ethel was mad at some other girl (Sabrina, maybe? Was she a part of the Archies cast? Or am I conflating that with the Sabrina show that featured the Groovy Ghoulies? Man, the 70’s were cool!) for trying to steal Jughead away from her.

  5. Buck Says:

    Man that’s “big scary.”

  6. Caroline Says:

    Have you seen her in the newest comics Archie the Married Life? She looks beautiful!




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