Two New K Chronicles Books

Complete K Chronicles cover

I greatly enjoy Keith Knight’s Harvey- and Glyph-winning strip The K Chronicles, but most of the collected volumes are now out of print. Which means it’s time for an omnibus!

Dark Horse is releasing The Complete K Chronicles in July. It’s 500 pages for $24.95, available now for preorder (Diamond code MAR08 0037). It collects the first four books with annotations on the comics, plus sketches and a foreword by Kyle Baker.

But wait! It’s not actually complete. There is a new fifth book available only from the author. I Left My Arse in San Francisco can be ordered at the website or bought from Knight at convention appearances. Since I’m on the opposite coast, I mail-ordered, because I’m not sure when he’ll be out this way. This is the beginning of the eventual Completer K Chronicles!

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