Runners Returns

Runners: Bad Goods cover
Runners: Bad Goods
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In 2005, Sean Wang put out a collection of his beautifully drawn space adventure called Runners: Bad Goods (preview available at link). It got critical praise, especially for the art, and (justifiable, imo) comparisons to Star Wars.

Now, you have the chance to try it for yourself. The collection is once again offered in the latest Previews — 168 black-and-white pages for $14.95, Serve Man Press, MAR08 3939.

Plus, there’s a new miniseries launching with the same characters, this time in color! Archaia Studios Press offers the first of six issues of The Big Snow Job (MAR08 3436, 32 pages, $3.95) also this month. Check ‘em out, especially if you like science fiction with plenty of aliens!

5 Responses to “Runners Returns”

  1. Sean Wang Says:

    It’s great to see Runners mentioned here on CWR. Thanks, Johanna!

    Just a quick note, I recently revamped my website, so the links above are actually for the old site. The new links are:

    Main site:
    Runners Bad Goods page:

    Thanks again for the mention!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks! I’ve updated the links.

  3. Jim Perreault Says:

    This is good news! I picked up the first issue of Runners at SPX a few years back, but I have not seen him there since so I have been unable to get any other issues.

    I’m glad it is back.


  4. Sean Wang Says:

    At the risk of hawking my wares… if your local store doesn’t carry RUNNERS or won’t get it for you, you can always order directly from me via my website store.

    Naturally, I’d like people to try their stores first, but failing that, feel free to order from me. I have the RUNNERS graphic novel, a sketchbook, and MELTDOWN all available, as well as single issues.

  5. Sean Wang’s Runners Meets Kickstarter Goal in 2 Days » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Rewards include original art for the “issue” covers, copies of the first collection Runners: Bad Goods, prints, and […]




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