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Blackblood Alliance cover

The Blackblood Alliance is an impressive-looking webcomic about a prehistoric pack of wolves struggling to survive. It immediately struck me that it looked like one of the better Disney cartoons. Unsurprisingly, author Kay Fedewa says she was inspired by the work of Don Bluth.

The story is Elfquestian, which is a fancy way of saying “tribe battles for survival with various interpersonal complications and faux-natural names like Swiftkill and Whitewind”. It’s the kind of a story that has too many characters and a whole lot of history that the author has clearly carefully laid out in her own mind… but all of that doesn’t always make it to the page in a way the reader can easily pick up without study. I didn’t care much, instead just looking at the art.

The story is also available in print, but at a cost of $8 plus over $2 shipping, it’s not recommended. And I do wish that they wouldn’t use the buzzword “graphic novel” incorrectly. A magazine-format issue #1 of a series is NOT a “32-page graphic novel”. It’s a comic book. And in this case, the art is designed for an internal light source, like a computer screen or an animated film, not print. So check it out online.

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  1. Marco Milone Says:

    I’ve just read Blackblood Alliance. Neat!

  2. Blog@Newsarama » The Lightning Round Says:

    […] –Johanna also reviews The Blackblood Alliance, a webcomic about prehistoric wolves. I probably liked the story a little more than she did and agree that the art is the highlight, and she makes a good point about the names being too “Elfquestian.” The writer would have benefited from following the KISS rule when naming the characters instead of coming up with names like “Swiftkill” and “Bloodspill” … which, come to think of it, sound like something from a 1990s Image title as much as they do Elfquest. Still, it’s worth looking at online for free.   Posted by JK Parkin in Art and Design, Marvel, News & Views, Video Games, Webcomics [ Permalink ] [ ] […]

  3. Renn Says:

    I bought the Black Blood Alliance in print not long ago, and there is a big difference in appearance. Kay has informed her fans that the printed version has all the intended colours, but in my opinion the online colours are more attractive, and the art is much clearer.

    I have no regret in buying the comic, I just slightly prefer reading it online.

  4. Alexa Says:

    Are you kidding!? The Black Blood Alliance is flippin awesome!!

  5. Steve Says:

    I must agree with this review. The pacing is too fast and ad majority of the characters fleeting.

    But the art is impressive and for a first time writer, this is pretty impressive. But like you said – there are certain aspects that don’t leave much to the imagination.

  6. Nuka the Goofy Says:

    sure it may be a little fast paced, but if you really want to know what is going on, join the roleplay forums. full story there and more
    ~nuka from the bba forums

  7. Steve Says:

    This may be true, but I would like the comic to be more in depth and not have to go through the effort of looking around in a forum (which I don’t have time for). But thanks for telling me. I might in the future.

  8. Akante Says:

    I love this comic, it keeps me eager to leran more. She keeps the anatomy of wolves true, while still adding the cartoon appearence. There are still unanswered questions that readers may ask, and I feel this is open for imagination.

    Kay has done a great job on this, and I cannot wait for more!

    -Akante from BBA Forum

  9. Dark Angel Syndrome Says:

    I second Nuka the Goofy’s opinion. And there’s even an ADVERTISING page on the inside back cover for the forum, so just join if you want to learn a bit more.

    This comic is very promising, I think it will have a bright future for the adolesents.

    And the reason why the names are like Bloodspill is because it’s their blackblood name. Whitewind and Greyback and Blackear aren’t blackbloods, but I guess Kay just felt like giving them those names.

    And how is it that one has no time to look around a forum (which on the offcial site it just a click away), when one has so much time to sit down and look for a comic book and read it?
    (sorry, just asking. I found it to be a questionable response. )

  10. Johanna Says:

    If the forum is necessary to understand and/or get full enjoyment out of the comic, then they ought not call it a graphic novel, but instead call it a multi-platform experience or some such. That would also get them more attention from marketers. :)

  11. James Says:

    I completely agree with Akante. The comic is great. It keeps you guessing about what might happen next.

  12. shadowwolf Says:

    its good read it XD only takes like 10-15min.

  13. Adrianne Says:

    The Blackblood Alliance was the graetest comic I have ever read and it made me want to draw like Kay F.!

  14. Dimensionsatie Says:

    Of course, everybody should keep in mind that it is not finished. She has one issue out and one is still in progress. I expect the whole thing to be several long and detailed comics. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to know all about Naruto of Bleach or Deathnote in the first episode or chapter, would you? Give her a break. Like the review said, she has obviously planned everything out, let her explain through the story.

  15. Suts Says:

    I bought the print of BBA and there is no way that I would ever regret it

    Suts from BBA forum

  16. blackbloods 4 ever Says:

    i just discoverd it online at youtube. im alredy hooked and read the first comic online. but i dident know it was so knew. how many issues are there out right now, just one?

  17. Jaylace Says:

    I liked the story- or what I’ve read of it because it takes a while for new pages to come out… it was original and the background art was pretty good.
    But personally I think this whole BBA thing is way too popular. It’s only that because it’s about wolves and everyone goes crazy about wolves. Or anything that can be roll played and that has animals that live in packs like the Warriors books. XD I’ve read those and like them but they’re really not all that well written.
    So I’ll sure keep reading but I’m sure not going to be buying it until I know who well she’ll present the story.
    I like Lackadaisy better though.

  18. Jaylace Says:

    wow impressive typo there XD *How.

  19. I won't Tell Says:

    BBA is great. The pics are G-R-E-A-T! The words are G-O-O-D except for the part they say B-A-D words (aww). I live in Alberta though, and I can’t find the comics ANYWHERE! I luv them so much and it’s a B-I-G disappointmeant (aww). I would rate them 10 out of 10! Can you help me on this problem? If u can please post HERE.
    Thx, from
    I won’t tell (evil laugh)

  20. I won't Tell (Same person) Says:

    BBA is great. I think it has a good taste. It is ripe and for me, this season. I want to read M-O-R-E is B-A-D! Can you help me please? I live in Alberta but I don’t know how to order a comic from wherever it comes from. Also, the price isn’t very good but I would get it anyways. IT IS IMPOSSIABLE TO FIND THE COMIC HERE! I looked in every book store I K-N-O-W! I am getting real mad at these dumb people. The books are good though. I like how they are comics the most cause I like comics. Also, about prehestoric wolves! How awesome it that? I L-O-VE A-L-L W-O-L-V-E-S! Whitewind and Grayback were sort of cruel though. I love the action. It really shows. The Fury is pretty cool though. It is REALLY sad about the pups though (Imek and Avie). Can you help me order the books from wherever or buy them from Alberta though? I am getting pretty sad now. I really luv those books and it’s driving me mad. I think i am going crazy not reading them. PLEASE HELP ME!

  21. BloodSpill~FAN Says:

    OH MY GOD! I LOVE BBA! I ONLY STARTED READING IT A FEW DAYS AGO AND HAVE FELL IN LOOOOVE WITH IT! I reccomend it to Wolfs Rain fans and also just plain wolf fans. Its an awsome story and in fact I have loved it so much Im thinking of making an animated feature of it on YouTube.

  22. My Chemical Romance Grrl Says:

    omfg i love bba! haha it would be really funny if randomly Jacob Black was in the wolf pack! [sorry about the Twilight reference]
    anywho, i want another issue to come out! theses only two! rawr! and i agree, it IS sad about the pups. the Fury sucks for Swiftkill… lol im such a fangirl!

  23. My Chemical Romance Grrl (same person) Says:

    oh, and i can kinda understand Whitewind’s issue. i mean, her pups were killed. :( poor puppies.
    ps- if ya like music, listen to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, We The Kings, Metro Station,stuff like that. They really inspire you and really get somea creative stuff going :)
    xoxo killer katie

  24. BloodSpill~FAN Says:

    Damn when is the next issue and the coming out man!!!

  25. Nuka the Goofy Says:

    Dude…I posted here about a year ago and I’m still gettin emails for this. Geez.

    Anyways, yes. The comic is a work in progress. For those who would like to join the forum, go to the link below

    ~ Nuka / GoofMaster

  26. BloodSpill~FAN Says:

    I have already been to the forum and i signed up ages ago.

  27. scargiver Says:

    can i get this book in the usa and are they for 11 year olds?

  28. Johanna Says:

    You can buy the book through that website’s store. I don’t know if they have age ratings.

  29. vernon Says:

    this is a cool book

  30. Sayde Says:

    I disagree. The Blackblood Alliance is tha bomb!!! Can’t wait to read more!!!

  31. Raven Says:

    BBA is awsome i just found out about it today and i am totaly in love with it. Does anyone know when the next pages or issues will be out. I have only seen about 39 on the websight but i really wanna see more.

  32. dianna Says:

    were can i find issue #3?

  33. Flames of the blackbloods Says:

    I am a huge fan of these comics and I have tons of fan art I’ve drawn on this!
    I recomend it to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for issue 2 to come out!!!!!*jumps arond in seet*

  34. Swifty96 Says:

    i’ve read issues #1 and #2 but i cant find the rest, help please???

  35. Johanna Says:

    It looks like there weren’t any more. The site hasn’t been updated since last year.

  36. jillian Says:


  37. Nuka Says:

    Comic’s dead. Kay’s not working on it anymore, but Erin (EDSA/Fable) is. Erin’s gonna be rebooting the whole thing and is gonna start fresh. So yep. For now, it’s dead.


  38. Mandi Says:

    i love this comic i cant wait for the next issue to be out. I LOVE BLOODSPILL the characters look like wolves but also have a cartoony side to them, keep going Kay you are an awsome artist

  39. alana Says:

    i love the blackblood alliance comic. i loved 2 read about rapier trying to kill her siblings and swiftkill accidentally did it put a jump in the whole comic. i cant wait to read what happens next. . . will they help inaria or not. i luv the 2 sisters and i hope they make another issue about them.

  40. Sunny Says:

    I can’t find the comic anywhere. The website store link doesn’t work. So disappointed.

  41. Johanna Says:

    That’s one of the problems with the web — things do go missing after a few years.

  42. Nuka Says:

  43. Swiftykiller Says:

    I love it and though the merchandise for it is kinda pricey, it inspires my love and fascination with wolves. I’m pretty sure, although I’m young but act wiser than my looks, Kay and I would get along fine. I love the comic, I would marry it over a guy any day.




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