Canadian Comic Price Parity

DC Comics has just announced that Canadian and US prices are going to be equivalent:

Please note that beginning with items arriving in Direct Market stores on March 19, DC Comics periodicals will feature a single price for both U.S. and Canada. As an example, the price on the cover of ACTION COMICS #863, scheduled to arrive in stores on March 26, reads “$2.99 US/Can.”

Looking at the DC comic from last week I have sitting next to me, it currently says “$2.99 US/$3.65 Can.” Marvel from the same week says “$2.99 US/$3.05 Can.”

Man, the US dollar just isn’t what it used to be.

8 Responses to “Canadian Comic Price Parity”

  1. Jason Says:

    Nope, It’s not.. i travel back and forth to Canada to see my fiance over the past year and canadian loonie ( dollar) is actually worth more then a U.S. dollar for the past few monthes. That or just really close to even. My last trip this past week I exchanged a $20 so i had some cash on hand and got back $19.65 Canadian.

  2. Torsten Adair Says:

    When I bought comics in New Zealand, the store had a conversion price list. Do Canadian retailers have the option of paying in U.S. currency? How has the strong Canadian dollar affected DC’s production costs? Will the lower price increase sales, and thus encourage publishers to lower prices further? How often do the Canadian cover prices change?

  3. Sean McClenahan Says:

    It is not a big deal in fact as all Canadian retailers I have seen switched to US pricing in November. I actually returned to collecting comics after a seven year hiatus because of it.

    Canadian retailers pay their invoices in US dollars as well so no win or loss there.

  4. Rafer Roberts Says:

    Johanna, I’ve been seeing this trend a lot at my dayjob. Part of what I do includes updating barcodes and prices on reprint book covers. For the past few months the ratio betweeen US and CAN prices as been steadily dropping, to the point where many book publishers have started dropping the CAN price entirely. (We charge a nominal amount for these types of updates, but I reckon when your book reprints every two months and has to get a price update EVERY TIME, then it just becomes an unneeded expense.) I expect that comic publishers will/should follow suit and drop the CAN price from their covers.

  5. alan brown Says:

    better idea:
    drop the usd/cad label, and just price it in USD.
    That way, when there is a major shift in exchange rates, retailers themselves can adjust the CAD price.
    Books and magazines should do this too.
    When I’m browsing the bookstore, and I turn over a 5 year old paperback to see “14.99US/22.99CAD”, I’m probably going to put it back down.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Alan, I think Canadian law forbids that. As I recall from previous discussions on the topic, Canadian retailers are required to charge the price on the cover in Canadian dollars unless theres a Canadian price printed. The changing price on the cover is meant to reflect what the retailer paid for it.

  7. Oliver Townshend Says:

    Torsten, the NZ dollar (and the Australian) are also strong against the US dollar, so it will help prices down under, but the killer cost is air freight across the pacific, and add a bit more for retail tax, and the price asked in shops will still be about double the American cover price for a while yet.

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