Joe Quesada on MySpace

Wow, get millions of impressionable teens online in one place, and comic book companies pay attention. The latest addition to MySpace Comic Books is a weekly column by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada in which he answers fan-submitted questions.

(I would post the PR, but it’s full of outrageous exaggeration like this:

Like a might [sic] Marvel team-up, the online community known for connecting legions of fans with the most exciting creators, projects, and events in the industry comes together with the leading comics publisher to present your chance to get inside the mind of one of comics’ most popular personalities.

And who can read much of that without having their brain bubble?)

You may recall that Quesada did something similar previously at Newsarama, but that site’s no longer the big kid on the online block. (Heidi has the rumor that “Marvel and the comics news giant had a falling out over a broken embargo.”) Newsarama preaches to the converted, but MySpace provides the not-yet-customers who might be convinced to start buying those hip comic things. And carefully selected questions and marketing-written answers can keep them looking hip.

The column appears on March 21; they’re collecting questions now.

7 Responses to “Joe Quesada on MySpace”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Supposedly Dan Didio has a myspace page, and answers questions there.

    Also Top Cow had a poll there asking what two characters to give regular series to and there were over 4 million votes.

  2. Mark S. Says:

    Dan D and Joe Q are both halves of the Comics World Anti-Christ.

  3. Alan Coil Says:

    The idea to go on MySpace was a good one. It exposes more people to Marvel and Marvel/Joe can control the questions asked/answered. At Newsarama, the feedback was vicious. Apparently, we comic book geeks are passionate about our hobby.

    I’m surprised Marvel and Newsarama are separating, as Newsarama was almost like the official mouthpiece for Marvel.

  4. sareena Says:


  5. Times a-Changin’ LinkBlogging » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Paul Levitz contributing to the Newsarama blog. (Interesting, isn’t it, that Marvel head Joe Quesada has just left Newsarama? And that Levitz is on the blog, not the main […]

  6. jesus Says:

    hey guys,

    I just found out that Joe is nominated to the most inspiring American Latino, so i dont know may be you can check this page out and vote for him.

  7. JJ Says:

    Yeah, sounds like a fine idea – the guy who made me drop Spider-man and can barely handle the continuity crap in the other titles after his deal with the devil. Sure I’ll vote for that jerkoff. I’ve been reading Spidey for 35 years, but I can’t handle the Brand New Day crap – give me clones any day over this rewrite of history.

    Where do I ask him when he’s getting fired so someone competent can undo his undo?




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