Finding Elim: Christian Webcomic

If you enjoyed the quiet cartoons about church-going teens found in Schulz’s Youth, or you’ve been looking for more pastor humor like that found in Kudzu, you may want to check out the webcomic Finding Elim.

The one-panel gags focus on Pastor Bob, the leader of a Midwestern Presbyterian church. They’re mild, at best, with familiar jokes about needing a lot of coffee in the morning or not liking cold weather.

Artist Dave Nelson allows reuse of his cartoons on church websites and newsletters per reasonable guidelines. And that seems like the perfect audience for this — someone who wants a little something different to break up text about the prayer breakfast and the mission trip, but nothing that might offend anyone at all.

Still, I wanted to talk about this because I like his blocky figures. More, I think this strip’s existence is evidence for the immense diversity of webcomics, with something out there for literally everyone.

3 Responses to “Finding Elim: Christian Webcomic”

  1. Deeto Lee Says:

    Another web comic that talks about the after life is “One Moment after the End” at Be WARNED it’s an adult comic, not so much in the sense of sex and porn, but the angels are naked and shown without censorship and with many of the plot lines concerned about their relationships with each other.

  2. dave nelson Says:

    Here’s an update. Finding Elim is now available on Amazon!
    It’s a big deal for me, since this is my first publishing.

  3. Johanna Says:

    You’re right! It is! Good luck with your publication.




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