King of Cards 2 Misprinted?

If anyone’s bought or read King of Cards 2, please help out the blog writer at Manga Xanadu.

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King of Cards 2
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She’s gotten two copies now, both with printing errors, and she’s trying to find out how widespread the problem is. Since it’s a less popular CMX title (redundant!), she can’t easily browse it in a store or check other copies.

If it’s a case of a misprint across the entire line, then she may be out of luck. Unless many customers (which mostly means retailers) complain, DC may not be motivated to reprint, especially if sales were low. That decision would be bad for future sales, since those who can’t finish reading book 2 are unlikely to buy future volumes in the series, but a reprint might erase any profits on this volume (unless it was an error on the part of the printer, in which case DC wouldn’t have to pay for the reprint). It’s a tough financial decision to make.

Alternately, just some of the books might be affected, in which case CMX should have been more diligent about getting her a corrected version.

The blogger is wrong about one thing — she should be able to return it no matter where she bought it. It doesn’t matter that it was preordered through Previews. It’s defective merchandise. She should return it to her place of purchase for a refund, and that vendor should take the matter up with their supplier.


  1. Thanks for helping to spread this around. I swear I feel like I’m the only person in the world that reads this *and likes it*!

    I checked the site that I order my books from and will try as you say to return it for a refund. The LCS I used to go to, didn’t want to give refunds, so I just got used to that way of thinking.

  2. There’s a difference, I think, between not allowing refunds because the customer has changed their mind and not accepting responsibility for accidentally selling defective merchandise. Good luck! And I hope someone’s able to answer your question.

  3. Kudos to you, Johanna, for pointing out that retailers are required to accept returns on defective merchandise and take it up with their supplier. Too many people just seem to accept paying for shoddy goods. Sometimes I think it is sort of that whole “comic books are a shaky business, I don’t want to hurt anybody by forcing the issue” attitude fans seem to have. It is as if they are worried that demanding they get what they pay for might make the whole hobby crumble.

  4. […] my printing error copy from the store I bought it from. I want to thank Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading, for trying to get the word out about my problem. But, apparently I AM the only person who will […]

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