Webcomic News: Clockwork Game Debuts, Sam & Lilah Moves, Zuda Update

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The immensely talented Jane Irwin (creator of Vogelein) is trying her hand at a webcomic: It’s called Clockwork Game, The Illustrious Career of a Chess-Playing Automaton. It’s based on the true story of the mechanical Turk, and you’ll get a page weekly on Thursdays. (Bless her for having an easy-to-find feed for updates.) Several are already up for your browsing pleasure. From the press release:

Originally designed to amuse the Empress Maria Theresa, The Turk was a machine that could play chess with the skill and originality of a grandmaster. It captivated audiences all over Europe and the United States, playing against many well-known rulers and dignitaries throughout its long and astonishing career. “I was inspired to retell the incredible story of The Turk because it seems far too fantastic to actually be true, and yet with each new book and article I uncovered, the facts became much more captivating than any fiction I could have created,” Irwin said. “Clockwork Game is a mostly-true dramatization of historical events, told with as little conjecture as possible.” Drawn in a crosshatched pen-and-ink style, Clockwork Game marks a major shift in both medium and presentation from Irwin’s earlier work, though the subject matter shares many similarities with her previous graphic novels, which told the story of an automaton brought to life.

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When I interviewed writer Jim Dougan last week about his webcomic Sam & Lilah, he was hinting of future plans. Now he’s announced them: the series will continue at Act-i-vate beginning May 1.

Sam & Lilah came in fourth place in the March Zuda competition; the winner was something called Black Cherry Bombshells, about scantily dressed “ultra-violent” cartoon girls fighting zombies… in other words, every trend I despise. That was the fifth monthly competition. And apparently, the results are declining — this winner had 18,347 views and was marked a Favorite by 363. The original winner, High Moon, had 77,624 views and 456 Favorites. But that’s not surprising, as the newness wears off.

The second Zuda winner, from the December 2007 competition, was Pray for Death. It’s now begun putting up “screens” beyond the original eight for the contest. I didn’t realize that it took three months for more material to go up after the contest end. In this case, it may be due to the artist developing a new style in the meantime.

4 Responses to “Webcomic News: Clockwork Game Debuts, Sam & Lilah Moves, Zuda Update”

  1. Jim D. Says:

    Hey Johanna! Thanks for the mention, and I hope you like where we go with SAM & LILAH.

    On the APPLE STORE front, I’ve posted a preview image (drawn by the amazing Ms. Lawless) over at The Chemistry Set:


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  3. JohnnyZito Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Black Cherry Bombshells.

    We go live with new strips within the month. Hope you’ll give us a second glance.

    High Moon didn’t win with 77,000 hits. That’s where it was after several months on the site with new material.

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