Gender-Swap Archie

KC’s been picking up loads of old Archie comics, and you find some of the strangest things in them! From Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals #13, Summer 1960, comes this odd little tale in which Archigail (Archigail?) and Regina are the skirts chased by boys Buddy and Roddy. Wait until you see this gender swap!

First, Betty speaks directly to the reader with a completely generic opening. Tea party, anyone?

Other Side story page 1

That’s much too pedestrian for what comes next. (I suspect it’s on purpose, to try and distract from some of the weirder implications of all this.) First is a typical “grass is greener in the other gender” discussion to set the stage. The boys complain about having to pay for everything on a date, while the girls gripe about waiting for boys to ask them out. That’s what life was like in the 50s, kids, when girls who initiated dates were considered man-crazy and laughed at, and the only money in her purse was a dime in case she needed to make an emergency phone call.

Other Side story page 2

No one mentions corsets, which have to be in play for those wasp waists. Either that, or rib removals.

Anyway, Betty coyly looks away from us while mentioning oh, she had this dream…

Other Side story page 3

Ronnie’s bang looks darn odd as a ducktail, but Betty (Buddy) comes out quite the stud. (After all, it’s her dream.) Roddy’s lost all class … and did he say “dust” or “bust”? Regina’s also hot, while Archie looks like… a boy in drag.

I’ve left out two pages in which the girls turn up their noses at those low-class boys, the boys get tossed out of Archigail’s mansion, they fight over the girls, and they need money for dates. Lots happened quickly, in contrast to the leisurely opening, but if you’ve ever read an Archie comic, you’ve seen it all before.

Then we see that Midge is still a girl and Moose is still a guy, and we pick up with Buddy misunderstood as having hit on Moose’s sweety.

Other Side story page 4

Did you ever have a nightmare that threw you out of bed? Nope, me neither. And it’s quickly back to the perfectly proper visit with Betty, where she wants us to know she’s glad she’s a girl. (So are the readers, darling, with that form-fitting top.) Did you notice, though, that she’s wearing the same dress to visit with us that she did during the conversation with the gang “yesterday”?

8 Responses to “Gender-Swap Archie”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    So everyone swaps genders (What, no Jug… No, better not to go there…) and yet Midge and Moose are just the same?


  2. joecab Says:

    Aw man I’ve been looking for this one since it got a mention in CBG YEARS ago. Thanks! I thought I remembered Juggie being in this one too? Maybe in one of the missing pages…

    Heh. “Juggie.”

  3. Alan Sepinwall Says:

    That’s disturbing and yet funny at the same time. Is this the infamous “cross-dressing Archie” story I once heard about, or has he been in a dress more than once (and in less dream-like circumstances)?

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  5. Johanna Says:

    Juggie’s not in this story at all, and it’s entirely possible that there are other cross-dressing stories. I wouldn’t put it past them — how many hundreds of thousands of Archie stories have had to have been generated since the 40s?

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  7. Billy Ray Says:

    Is it just me, or does that first page remind anyone of the first page of Hate #1?

  8. Blakeney Says:

    Ah, the modern age. Where everything is analyzed to death. I took this for what it was – just a fun “what if” story. Who hasn’t at one time or other, wondered what life was like as the opposite gender? The one thing that does seem odd is why did Ronnie end up in Archie’s clothes? Everyone else changed clothes altogether.




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