Jughead and Buffalo Wings

What an interesting idea for the always-hungry Jughead — touring eating festivals. Plus, it’s a great tie-in for the company. If they can set up at the function, or make the attendees aware of the coverage, then they can sell tons of unique mementos.

Jughead #190 cover

In Jughead #190, he and the gang attend the National Buffalo Wing Festival. From the press release:

Along the way, they encounter many famous people and buffalo wing landmarks including festival organizer Drew Cerza, Mayor Brown, super-chef Bobby Flay, the Anchor – birthplace of buffalo wings, and Dunn Tire Park, the home of the Buffalo Bisons and host of the Wing Festival.

Ooh, two-dimensional Bobby Flay — just like his “always add chilis” cooking style.

The story sounds typical — Jughead enters the sauce contest but a competitor plays dirty tricks. It’s promised to be issue-length, though, which Archie comics are doing more often (instead of the previous 3-4 short stories an issue). It’s an interesting change that does allow for more plot twists and depth than the usual light gags.

The comic is due out July 30 in comic shops but earlier, July 12, on newsstands. Written by Craig Boldman (who handles the character very well) and drawn by Rex Lindsey.

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  1. Crocodile Caucus » Oooh, burn Says:

    […] Johanna notes that an upcoming Jughead comic has the chowhound character visitinga food festival, which includes an appearance by Bobby Flay. Johanna comments: Ooh, two-dimensional Bobby Flay — just like his “always add chilis” cooking style. […]

  2. Jim Perreault Says:

    This looks like it could be interesting; As a former Buffalian, I’m going to check it out. It might even be gift material.

    IIRC, the wing festival is at the end of August, shortly before Labor Day. So the timing of the issue is pretty good.

    Thanks for pointing this out,


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    […] Carlson, who to my knowledge is the only person who reviews Archie comics regularly, has some reflections on Jughead #190 (spoiler alert: he eats a […]

  4. rosemary muff Says:

    could you please tell me where I can buy jughead and buffalo wings comic book.

    thank you
    rosemary muff

  5. Johanna Says:

    Check with your local comic book shop or http://mycomicshop.com.




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