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North World
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From David Welsh at Precocious Curmudgeon, discussing this webcomic collection by Lars Brown:

… a sometimes frustrating collection of strengths and weaknesses. Brown displays some good instincts in the development of concepts and characters, but his grasp on pacing and structure needs work….

So Conrad is juggling career issues, possibly unwanted romantic closure, and unfinished emotional business that ties into his autonomy as an adult. The book has promising architecture, thematically linked but tonally varied. Unfortunately, I don’t think Brown is enough of a juggler to keep things in balance. There’s a lack of focus. It’s a book where everything almost works, but the storytelling is nowhere near as tight as it needs to be to succeed.

In his review, Chris Sims talks about why you’d want to buy a collection of something you can read online. See a preview of North World at the Oni Press website.

2 Responses to “North World: Review I Agree With”

  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    It’s really interesting that this problem keeps coming up with many webcomics artists who collect their stuff into book form; it becomes apparent that overall pacing has not been planned for.
    I think this stems from the format of the webcomic having to be continuous, and the writers/artists tend to stretch things out, or get immersed in a detail and loose track of the overall flow of story. It’s cool to have those details, but not at the expense of the story grinding to a halt. I’ve found this problem popping up with younger American manga artists as well who have been weened on long involved manga serials. They don’t tend to know that even though these go on for many many book, that they have probably been edited and steered by an editor every step of the way.

    With my latest book, I’ve become VERY appreciative of the editing skills of others for keeping my storyline tight and directed.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Excellent observations. It’s tricky to write for more than one format at once, because sometimes the requirements are opposite.




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