House: Review I Agree With

Reviews I Agree With cover books I’m not reviewing myself (usually because I have nothing to add, or they’re worth talking about but not to my taste).

From Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch, covering the debut graphic novel by Josh Simmons:

Our story’s long close is a slow, painful burn–one that never fully gives up hope, making it all the more difficult to endure to the bitter end.

… It’s a gory and sad fall from grace, even when told with Simmons’ simple art.

…it’s a well-designed story, and while Simmons’ textless execution seems initially gimmicky, the reader quickly becomes oblivious to their absence. House is a good, rewarding read, but still ultimately a painful one, until the final page fades to black.

Jog really liked this horror comic.

One Response to “House: Review I Agree With”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Sounds interesting! Must admit though, when I saw the title I was like “House as a comic? Weird! How will they get his sarcasm through?”




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