Jim Mooney’s Last Work: Funky Winkerbean

Jim Mooney passed away on March 30. What may be his last published work, a tribute to Supergirl’s first appearance, has just run in today’s Funky Winkerbean, written by Tony Isabella (scroll down past the polling for his comments).

Jim Mooney Funky Winkerbean

Also in this Sunday’s paper is Parade magazine’s yearly What People Earn feature. The only comic-related mention is Elizabeth Moisant, 73, who says she’s a comic-book publisher in Oak Park, IL, and made $110,000 last year. I couldn’t find any mention of her in Google, but there’s a Charles Moisant associated with Silver Phoenix Entertainment, which I’ve never heard of. Their website talks about what will be coming out in 2007, so that’s not particularly helpful.

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  2. jim d. Says:

    Yeah, my wife noticed that, and was like “have you ever heard of this person?” Um, no. A google search later – still no. Does she maybe publish some religious-type comix us otherwise well-informed people might not know about?

  3. Johanna Says:

    Personally, I’m assuming she’s related to Charles (parent? wife?), since the name is unusual and the cities are the same.

  4. Charles D. Moisant Says:

    Elizabeth J. Moisant is my mother, She owns Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc.
    We produce Mystery Manor Haunted Theater. The book is sold mainly at Mystery Manor in Omaha NE. We also do custom comic books, trading cards and small press books for various client. That is our lion share for income…

    By finding niche markets SPE is able to do well.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for solving that mystery for us!

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