1972 Archie Ads for Military Readers

Right after the killer teddy bear story in Life With Archie #125, there’s an advertising insert. It’s four pages on glossy paper which stand out from the comic’s newsprint.

The first page offers Free Schooling to “train for a great career as a police officer or detective!” with pictures of a shooting range, handcuffs, gun, and badges.

The center spread has pictures of wedding sets and other diamond rings offered with monthly payment plans. The captions read “Military Men – Your credit is good” and “Give her a Genuine Diamond… it’s Forever!”

But it’s the last page that really got me, as shown here. (Click to see full-size.)

Archie ad thumbnail

Yes, it’s lingerie. They want the readers to buy these peek-a-boo nighties to “thrill someone you love”. The one in the bottom right corner is called “Coming Home” and described as “to display her charms”.

Odd enough that, based on these ads, this Archie comic was aimed at military men who wanted to spend their money on their girlfriends or look for work once they were out of the service. But look at that placement! Facing the women wearing very little was an ad where Betty and Veronica fight over their Archie doll. From negligees to playing with dolls — what a mixed message!

3 Responses to “1972 Archie Ads for Military Readers”

  1. Jack Says:

    those inserts were only added to copies that were sold to the military

  2. John Says:

    Wow! When I was a kid, I lived on Air Force bases all my life and bought my comics at the Base Exchange, as did all my friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up any with this particular ad! But I do remember going to matinees at the base movie theater and seeing raunchy coming attractions for sleazy R rated exploitation movies! Makes you wonder about the outside perception of the military and whether anyone ever considers kids live on those bases too!

  3. buzz Says:

    Jack is correct re the inserts. There were special inserts and sometimes variant covers and contents for magazines and comics sold in PXes.

    As to GIs reading ARCHIE, let’s just say the military readership caters to a wide range of tastes. ;D




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