Batcave Companion Delayed to 2009

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TwoMorrows has posted an update on the status of their Batcave Companion book.

It was originally planned for release July 2007, but the publisher decided to push it back to April of this year. At which point, DC came along and said, “no, no, WE’RE the only one putting out Batman books this year”, what with the movie and all. So TwoMorrows has had to reschedule for April 2009.

The lesson here? Take windows when you have them, because agreements can always change. If the book wasn’t ready, it wasn’t ready. But a smaller delay (perhaps to year-end 2007), while not allowing it to be new for the convention season, may have allowed it to be sellable this year. (Of course, hindsight and kibitzing are both 20-20.) According to Amazon, it was due out tomorrow, so this is something of a last-minute announcement, too. Perhaps the compromise took a while to hammer out.

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