OMG! Paradise by the GoPhone Light

I hate AT&T. They bought and destroyed a company I really enjoyed working for.

That said, my mouth dropped open when I saw this GoPhone ad.

How brilliantly postmodern! I admire Meat Loaf’s sense of humor, and the garage explosions are the perfect blend of rock show excess and WTF?!? moments. (Let’s not think too much about the rewritten context when the son, happy because of his GoPhone, sings “I’ll love you til the end of time” to Dad.)

The kid, Adam Cagley, although perfectly cast, is not actually related to Meat Loaf. And the leg of lamb! And the dove! It wasn’t until the credits rolled (what ad has credits?) that I realized “Mom” was Tiffany! Wowzers. Good ad.

13 Responses to “OMG! Paradise by the GoPhone Light”

  1. chris w. Says:

    Best ad on TV, and I detest cell phone ads. Meat Loaf is brilliant. I love this every single time.

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  4. spankus o'rourke Says:

    Obviously inspired by his roll as Jack Black’s dad in Tenacious D, the pick of destiny.

  5. Mark S. Says:

    I hurt myself laughing…

  6. Bill D. Says:

    Wow, when I saw that on TV the other night, I legitimately did think that was Meat Loaf’s real kid. Good casting, indeed!

    And I thought that was Tiffany! Time has been kind to her and Deb(bie) Gibson both.

  7. Vincent J. Murphy Says:

    AT&T was basically destroyed by SBC: the new AT&T is really just the old SBC.

    That being said, the Meatloaf commercial is funny. I didn’t know the mother was Tiffany. It would have been funnier had it been Karla DeVito or Ellen Foley.

  8. matthew Says:

    The only version of that ad I’ve seen on TV ends with the son poorly lip-syncing “I’ll love you till the end of time” to his father, which is a little freaky to me.

    While the casting was really good — I thought the son kid really his son, and you only saw a brief glimpse of the wife (aka Tiffany) so why couldn’t it be his wife? — I still hate the commercial.

    It’s annoying, the lip-syncing was terrible (which might be the point, but to me it looks stupid), I never liked Meatloaf’s music, and in the end, it’s just another ad for a cell phone. (Why are cell phones expensive? Because they have to pay Meatloaf and Tiffany to be in commercials for them.)

    Blah, I say! Blah!

  9. Johanna Says:

    But, Vincent, no one but us would have recognized them!

    Matthew, sorry it riled you up. :) I really like Meat Loaf (and Jim Steinman)’s music. I think it’s beautifully bombastic.

  10. Frankie Says:

    Remember The Rocky Horror Picture Show? He was AWESOME!!
    RHPS is my favorite move ever! The casting in the movie and in the commercial both were perfect.
    “What ever happened to Saturday night…”

  11. Madam Deb Says:

    I like this commercial too. I knew it was Meat Loaf but I also thought it was his real son. He looks like him.

    Is that his real wife, by chance?

  12. Johanna Says:

    No, it’s 80s pop star Tiffany.

  13. Glenn Says:

    And its not lost on me that the wife is putting a leg of lamb in the freezer (nod t Rocky Horror show)




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