Veronica #187

This infinity cover contains a bizarrely self-referential story, the kind of thing artists dream up when they don’t know what else to do that month. It opens with Veronica running around town talking about how wonderful she is. “I’m rich, beautiful, and very popular! I have it all!” When people start talking back, saying she’s really rotten, she starts screaming — through the page on the artist’s drawing board — how she wants to talk to the editor.

Veronica #187 cover

When they won’t accede to her demands to be nice, she quits. Readers begin complaining that things are too quiet without her. She won’t give in, so the artist introduces Victoria, the Lodges’ niece. Veronica is said to have “gone to Europe indefinitely”. This all smacks of bad sitcom, when actors struggle with producers over more money or control. But this is the printed page. Over-pampered diva is a fine role for Veronica to play, but it feels artificial to be asked to believe in the multiple layers here.

When Veronica finds out about this, she starts screaming how she can’t be replaced… still from the drawing board, which made me wonder why she’s still there, if she’s not being put into the stories. She demands to return, and then she literally erases Victoria. The point of the story is to remind and/or convince everyone that Veronica is best the way she is, but it’s so head-scratching that I’m not sure that comes through.

There are two other stories in this issue, one about exaggerated prom invitations, and the other about Veronica trying to set up her butler Smithers with a date.

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