Contest! Men of the DCU Poster Wanted

I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is. I want to see the male equivalent to the recent Women of the DCU poster. Superheroes in tuxes, classy and attractive. Comments 35 and 37 at that link already provide some suggestions.

So I’m holding a contest. Winner (to be determined by me with input from readers) will get a cash prize and lots of praise. Email me a link to your image or the image itself. Let me know if you have questions.

14 Responses to “Contest! Men of the DCU Poster Wanted”

  1. Rob Spencer Says:

    Well, if you insist, I will take the credit for this one ;-) [see comment 24]

    As for distinguishing the men, a lot of them do/could have iconic jewellery or accessories. And tuxedoes don’t all have to look the same; check out the red carpet photos from any awards show and you can see some interesting takes on the basic pants-and-jacket template. David Duchovny had a killer tux at some event back when. Or the cut could reflect the style of the decade of the character’s origin.
    I can’t draw, so I’m just throwing that out there.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ooh, great suggestions, thank you!

  3. Davinder Says:

    Great idea. What’s the closing date?

  4. Pedestrienne Says:


  5. Loren Says:

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait to see what people send in! I only hope Kyle Rayner, Ryan Choi and Jaime Reyes are some of them! :)

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  7. Johanna Says:

    No definite closing date yet — since I haven’t yet received an entry! Good art takes time, though.

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  9. HermitIX Says:

    Just a little comment on telling the guys apart. The men of DC have varying body types and, demeanors. The trick with this sort of thing is to add highlights of personality. For instance…

    Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are physically similar, but in a room full of well dressed men, Clark would be in a nice business suit and Bruce would be in a tux. Booster Gold would go for expensive and might choose a style of tux that was a little out of date or ahead of its time, Oliver Queen could have a green tie clip, the Flash would have sneakers, a Green lantern could be in a dark green tux. Creote and Savant would be together. I could see Savant as not having a tie and Creote would probably not have a shirt under his jacket. He is beefy.

    When I draw I am only two steps above a spastic monkey with a sharpie duct taped to its simian paw. But I might attempt this. Just to make sure Booster makes the cut.

  10. david brothers Says:

    While I’m here and thinking about it– Bruce Wayne has to be wearing a tux, but with the bowtie undone. Something high class, but still a little sloppy.

  11. Paul Sizer Says:

    Jane and I were talking about who would be a great artist to create the “Men of DC” poster in the manner being described. In the same way that Adam Hughes is one of the current masters of drawing diverse and beautiful women, who could bring the same “zing” to a poster of men?

    My wife blurted out the near perfect answer: Jo Chen.
    What an amazing poster THAT would be. She can paint like no one’s business, She’s got her craft down solid, and she would bring the “manga” touch to the image to make the ladies swoon in the same way the boys swoon to Adam’s drawings. AND she could do it without resorting to cheese-ball tactics!
    What do you think?

  12. mordicai Says:

    The only fear I have is that we aren’t too far behind swimsuit issues again!


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