Death Note Movie Showing in Theaters

Death Note poster

Next month, the live-action Death Note movie will appear in theaters for two nights only, May 20 and 21. Tickets are available through Fathom Events, and here’s the list of participating theaters.

According to the press release, “This special two-night event includes a specially-produced 20-minute feature on how the manga translates to live action as well as the first-ever interview with director Shusuke Kaneko.”

I was disappointed by the manga, but that was in part due to its length (which meant the story effectively restarted at least twice). I suspect that the on-screen presentations in this case work better for me due to the condensed storytelling. The poster image is certainly gripping and intense, and I’m curious about how Ryuk (the death god) looks.


  1. If this is the same version that came out in Japan, then Ryuk looks EXACTLY like he does in the manga, and it is CREEPY!

    Here’s a trailer on YouTube that shows a lot of Ryuk:

  2. Ryuk looks AMAZING in the film — it’s Light that I was wary on. But my question is: Are they showing both films (Deathnote and the sequel)? Because if not, the viewers are going to pretty disappointed.

  3. Thanks, Paul! Tim, Death Note 2 has a page at the official site, but it just says Coming Soon. I imagine that will be a separate event.

  4. I got to see parts 1 & 2 on DVD, from a friend who bought them on a honeymoon in Japan. They were really good, much better than the manga in my opinion as the story has more focus and a much more memorable ending.

    Ryuk was creepy!!

  5. omg im so cant wait for that day to come im so there will it be in english dub or sub ?

  6. I saw the Live Action Movie after I finished the anime. I waa disappointed a little at how they kinda made the story. and how it sorta doesn’t follow the anime/manga, but at the same time it does. I’m wicked excited to see it’s going to be in theaters in america. I thought it would never happen. And the shinigami looked AMAZEING!! I was just a little upset at who played Light, and I loved the guy who played L.

  7. omg i can’t wait to see it!!! Death note is like a fav!!!

  8. I saw the movie after the anime, and liked it overall, but really disliked the guy who played light. He mad him seem soooo dumb compared to normal Light, like just some average guy, not some deep awesome genius lunatic guy.

  9. the movie was sick i already watched it in japanese, a Ryuk was cheep lookin u can see that it was straight from the comp. but the endin was the best. it was one of the best movies i ever saw!! 2nd movie is better tho :)

  10. The movie is awesome i watched it already in its awesome i cant wait to see it in theaters it’ll be sooo cool!! cant wait~ :)

  11. Awww! I’ve been saving the movie till it came out in the US (if it ever did) or when i was bored.

    and now it’s coming out in theaters, but nowhere near me!!! :””[ that’s depressing!

  12. Finally! theyre going to show it in theaters
    ive watched it on youtube :p
    and L is oh so sexy
    the manga character and the actor

    the guy who played Light didnt really go with his personallity
    and he looked older thna light


    i got my ticket to go see it in Indiana
    and im taking four more people with me
    oh yeah

    its gonna be oh soooooooooo great :3

  13. It appears the comic to movie process goes about the same in Japan as America, this movie was horrible.

    Light = Guy who played Shuya in battle royal

    Light comes off as none too bright, oh and the girlfriend thing…that was unnessicary.

  14. MAN! i cannot see it!!!!!!!and its the last night TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  15. I have to agree the person who played light wasnt that great but L was sexy. When I went to see it and the part where they show L first everyone was screaming and yelling either “SEXY” or “We love you L” I have to admit I was one of those people..

    The girlfriend thing was unnessicary I have to agree but L was HOT!!!

  16. does anyone know if there will be a way to buy or rent this movie in the US? my friends and i really want to see it. was it good? ^.^

  17. Not until September 16. That’s when the DVD goes on sale.

  18. oh. ok thank you Johanna. :-)

  19. HI! I absolutly can not wait to see the DVD! i missed out on the chance to see it in theaters. BUT! i did see the previews and OMG!!!! the boy who plays L is so Freaking HOT! hes my age too! he even has his birthday on the same day as mine!!! but.. (Crying emotionly) ill never be abel to meet him he dosent even know i exsist!!! If you can tell him i love him! Ill write you back latter BYE!!

  20. so from what ive read death note the movie came out in theaters for 2 ddays and the DVD will come out this september right? will the movie be in english dub or sub!?

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  22. i loved da first one!!!!1 cosplayed and everything, i’m takin’ all my friends too da second one, even though i will cry, i am an L fangirl, lol XD thanks so much!!!! ^)^

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  24. is it going to be on dvd and where?

  25. The DVD is out and available from as well as other vendors.

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