Loveless Cancelled; DC Does the Right Thing

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Loveless: Blackwater Falls
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I don’t read Loveless for several reasons: it’s a Western; it’s written by Brian Azzarello; it’s a Vertigo title (and the only things I’ve enjoyed from them lately are their original graphic novels, some of which are quite good); and it sounds violent (promo copy referenced “the bloody action and atmosphere of a Sergio Leone film”).

So I don’t care that issue #24, due in May, will be its last. But I was impressed that DC made this announcement:

Please note that all orders for the LOVELESS VOL. 3: BLACKWATER FALLS TP (FEB080302) have been cancelled. This title will be resolicited in the June Previews, and will be expanded to include issues #22-24, which will be the final issues of the series.

It’s a good thing for fans of the series to have all of the story available in collections.

12 Responses to “Loveless Cancelled; DC Does the Right Thing”

  1. StevenRowe Says:

    Gee, it’s my fault. I stop my pre-orders with #24 – saying I would get the rest in the trades….. I guess one sale does make a difference!
    (and it is more violent that I like, but I do like stories set in the 1860s)

  2. david brothers Says:

    This is a good move on DC’s part. I kind of wish they’d do the same with Wildcats 3.0, but that’s just me.

  3. William Burns Says:


    No, it’s not just you.

  4. Brian Juchems Says:


  5. Sleestak Says:

    I quit reading after #6 because of the art. I honestly could not tell from one page to the next who each character was supposed to be.

  6. Riot Says:

    Ack, no one here seems to like it. “Loveless” is the first Vertigo series that has caught my attention in a while. Is it really not-that-good? Any news on why it was cancelled?

  7. Johanna Says:

    I haven’t heard anything specific, but in general, the answer to that question is usually “sales” (or its cousin “costs”).

  8. L nny Says:

    so the 3rd TPB was originally going to have issues 13-21 – i.e. 9 issues? At 13-24, that will be a nice hefty TPB!

    And, FTR, I’ve really enjoyed this series. I’ve found Azzarello to be hit or miss (mostly miss on the superhero stuff, and hit on the non-superhero stuff). I thought he gave this series a nice feel to is – even after we lost the gorgeous Marcello Frussin art.

    L nny

  9. Bill Says:

    Don’t read it, but classy move


  10. David Says:

    It is actually one of my favourite ongoing series but I am glad that the third volume collects all the issues, yap, a very classy move.

  11. Alan Francis Says:

    It would have beena chunky TPB, but those issues are a single storyline, IIRC. DC are releasing the trades like they did for, say, Sandman, where each book is a whole story – the first volume was only 5 issues, the last would have been 9.

  12. Essal Al-Saffar Says:

    The series started with a blast. As a big fan of Western movies and comic books, I think the first 6 issues caught the best of the two worlds like no other. Right there at the top (writing and art wise) leaving competition eating its dust.

    Then ….

    The artist changed, which was the first down point to me. Always has been, always will be.

    Then ….

    The story got distracted. Scattered everywhere. Unlike “Scalped” the parallel lines of the story set sail in totally different directions with no intention to cross each other with every coming issue. And the art was not getting better.

    I left at issue 18, and was not sorry that it has been canceled at issue 24.




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