Sci Fi/Virgin Comics Announce Superbia

I’m mildly intrigued by the recent announcement of Superbia, an upcoming comic from the Sci Fi Channel and Virgin Comics due out this summer. It’s described as a superhero version of Desperate Housewives, only without using that trademark:

Imagine if the members of the Justice League moved to Wisteria Lane with spouses in tow, and you get a hint of what life is like in Woodshire Village, a planned community for superheroes, their spouses, girlfriends and domestic partners. Superbia is created and written by Lisa Klink and Jordan Gorfinkle.

Gorf, you might recall, was part of the Batman editorial team and helped create the Birds of Prey.

I haven’t read any of Virgin’s product so far, because they remind me of Tekno Comix (which was also associated with Sci Fi, albeit much more vaguely) in their use of licensed names and emphasis on mass-oriented concepts. When the Virgin/Sci Fi partnership was first announced in early 2007, they stated an intent to develop five titles. Only one, The Stranded, has been released, although they’ve achieved their intended cross-platform synergies by also developing it for TV.

The concept of superheroes’ domestic lives isn’t new, ranging from the recent Welcome to Tranquility way back to the 1980s Mr. Miracle series that spun out of that era’s Justice League. Still, if done right, it can provide an entertaining twist on the usual fights in tights.

I wish some art was available, but none of the announcements make any mention of that aspect of the creative team. It’s possible it hasn’t been determined yet.

3 Responses to “Sci Fi/Virgin Comics Announce Superbia”

  1. Maria Says:

    I’m a bit confused by the ad copy — are all the superheroes going to be het men? I ask because of the “girlfriends” line.

  2. Dwight Williams Says:

    Lisa Klink, if memory serves me, was one of the more recent Trek TV scriptwriters or editors, wasn’t she?

    And as for the name “Superbia”…I think that, thanks to Grant Morrison, DC Legal’s going to want to have a word or two on that subject. Certainly, the DCU version of the place got levelled after JLA Classified # 1-3(?), but they still have a right to keep using the name. No?

  3. Jay Faerber Says:

    I don’t know how tight a grasp DC has on the name “Superbia.” The name was never used in a title, was it? Did it ever appear on a cover? If not, I think they’d have a tough time arguing that they own the trademark, since it was never used “in trade.” Time Warner’s a powerful company, though, so they could certainly try. And maybe win — I’m no lawyer. But from what little I understand about trademark and copyrights, I don’t think you can trademark a name unless it appears on a cover in some way.




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