Veronica on the Phone Then and Now

It’s not much of a gag, really — Veronica says

Betty, Daddy says I’m not allowed to talk on the phone anymore this evening… so you talk, I’ll listen!!

Originally, in this beautiful Dan DeCarlo art from the all-pinup Betty and Veronica Spectacular #32 (June 1965), Ronnie’s spinning some 45s on her turntable while chatting:

Veronica pinup 1965

As anonymously redrawn in this year’s Betty & Veronica Digest #183, the portable record player is now a laptop computer; the singles are CDs; the phone is an MP3 player; and Veronica’s got a cellphone tucked on her shoulder (which looks much more uncomfortable). And some completely unnecessary computer recoloring and shading has been added, turning her arms two-tone. At least the milk and cookies, the outfit (timeless in its oddity), and the parental surprise were left alone.

Veronica pinup 2008

I just find it fascinating when these kinds of updates are made, looking at how and what is considered to need modernizing. (Sorry for the poor reproduction; I used a cellphone camera instead of a scanner.)

One Response to “Veronica on the Phone Then and Now”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Of course, I hate when Archie tries to modernize their comics, but they’re aimed at a different audience than 19 year old men. This one that you found out really surprised me because I thought Archie only edited dialogue. ‘Course the art style (in this particular Pin Up) does not fit with the new tech devices, does it?




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