KC Tells Convention Stories

KC’s latest column at Westfield Comics tells some of his favorite convention stories. Find out how KC tweaked Image’s Marketing Maven with a bet about assembling a collection of their comics on the cheap, and learn how KC and I first met at what was otherwise his worst convention ever.

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  1. Mark S. Says:

    I enjoyed his stories very much.

    Where in hell did you get a degree in Pop Culture? I want one…

  2. odessa steps magazine Says:


    I don’t think I had ever asked either of you how you met. I had always just assumed it was when you both worked at DC.

  3. Johanna Says:

    As far as I know, Bowling Green State University in Ohio is the only place you can get an MA in Popular Culture. And that’s where I spent a decade one year. :)

    Lots of people assumed that KC got me my job or that we met there, but nope, didn’t happen that way.

  4. Alan Coil Says:

    I’m not too far from Bowling Green. Was last there in September. It’s a nice place to visit once or twice a year. Plus they have the best music store I’ve even been in, not having access to a major city.
    (Detroit doesn’t count; it’s a graveyard)
    ((Which actually doesn’t reflect on the Motor City Con, as it is held many miles west of Detroit))
    (((And isn’t it a shame I have to make that known?)))
    Blizzard in Ohio? Surely it can’t be true!

  5. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I don’t remember there being a great music store being there (but I was there 10 years ago).

    It was a nice small Mid-Western campus (at least I thought so comingfrom a big 10 school). Plus, the hockey team was good then.

  6. Tim O'Shea Says:

    “Mostly, I spent the day sulking at the booth, happily swatting the Wizard zombies with a large cardboard tube I fished out of the garbage while I was walking to the show.”
    KC Carlson, best damn writer ever. I daresay that column could be turned into a good book. Seriously.

    Honestly, some of my favorite con moments are when I get to talk to either KC or Johanna.

    I’m 40 years old, but I still have my fanboy moments, and one was courtesy of KC. Last year at HeroesCon Barry Kitson had an incredibly long line all day (as he deserved). Jump forward to that night, I’m chatting with KC in the hotel lobby. And who comes up in the midst of us talking–Kitson. And that’s how I got to chat with Barry Kitson for far longer than I could ever imagine–thanks to KC. KC fortunately ignores my twitching when I have these fanboy moments.

    What’s more hilarious is to have a fanboy moment when Johanna is around. There’s nothing quite like when I spaz out only to look at Johanna view me as if I had just stapled a third eye to my forehead. Sometimes I lapse into Ed Grimley (the old Martin Short SNL character) just to see how bemused-borderline-mortified Johanna can get.

  7. James Schee Says:

    Awesome stories there. I’ve heard a couple of those from KC himself, and wonder if he’ll put the “Did this happen on a (particular day of the week) Legion fan” one in his next one.

    I haven’t been to a con in a long time, and I need to try and get back to one in the next year. Particularly given how different things are now. My last con I was a mess at, Tim you were great, but I was sort of in a weird place at the time.

    My current job has me interacting with a … unique at times brand of people. So I’d love to see what I’d make of a con now. Since before it always seemed so odd to me.

  8. Tim O'Shea Says:

    James–I think several of us could compete for “in a weird place at the time” for that con. Baltimore had just been hit by a hurricane, I was a year away from a divorce, so we all had our own version of weird. Excitement was in the air with Brad Meltzer hinting at a giant DC project (now had he said: “I’m gonna needlessly kill Sue Dibny” there might have been less excitement…marketing is everything…) And I distinctly remember what a blast it was to have you there. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up at another con one of these years.

  9. odessa steps magazine Says:

    Baltimore had that weird string of things happening around the con for a couple years.

    One year it was the hurricane. One year it was the sniper. I Shouldn’t even mention dealing with all the Steelers/Red Sox/Yankees fans that always are in town on the con weekend. :>

  10. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Odessa Steps/Mark–the hurricane year of the con was the year I met you at that con, I think.

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