Larry Young Argues for Optimism

Larry Young, publisher of AIT/Planet Lar, has returned to online discussion with the debut of a new column called I Gots Me Some Enthusiasm.

If you were wondering where the formerly ubiquitous online participant has been, well, he’s got more important things (like a new baby) taking up his attention. As he says,

I’ve sort of accidentally purged negativity and antithesis from my daily life

I can’t argue with that choice, and in fact, I’m quite in sympathy to wanting to spend more time with friends and family off-line. It’ll be interesting to see what other topics pop up in this column.

2 Responses to “Larry Young Argues for Optimism”

  1. Rivkah Says:

    “in fact, I’m quite in sympathy to wanting to spend more time with friends and family off-line”

    Word. :) While my work continues at a steady pace, my blog has begun to gather a little dust and I’ve abandoned bulletin boards completely . . . not out of lack of interest, but rather a realization that real-life relationships (family, friends, love) can never possibly replace the face-to-face.

    Oddly, this seems to be happening to a lot of my online friends who’ve seemed to have disappeared completely. Is it perhaps that the charm of the internet does eventually wear off? That we realize how pointless it is to argue pointless topics when we could rather be snuggling in bed with a loved one or going out to catch up with friends with real laughter and smiles and tears other than digital ones?

    And life seems all the better for it. Still read my Comics Worth Reading and the Beat and BBC, but feel less compelled to getting stirred up over the mundane and preferring to offer positive support rather than negative.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I wonder maybe if it’s a reaction to the atrocious state of the country. So many terrible things going on that people feel powerless in the face of — recession, never-ending pointless war — that they’re trying to be more positive with the things they can control. I want to focus on that, anyway.




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