Nip/Tuck Season 5 Available Online, Not on DVD
May 2, 2008

I don’t follow the show, about the lives and loves of two plastic surgeons, but I found this studio decision particularly interesting.

In February, Warner Bros. announced that Season 5 of Nip/Tuck would be released on May 20. Later that month, a correction stated that the announcement was “premature”, and no release date was set.

Nip/Tuck Season 5

(In that promo image, Julian McMahon (on the right) reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of a 70s-era Stan Lee, with the glasses and leather blazer. You may also know him as Dr. Doom.)

Now, the company has released the season digitally. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available. (No word on whether the DVD set is still coming or plans for Seasons 3 or 4.) “Get it digitally before you can get it anywhere else.” says the press release. The 14 episodes can be bought as a set for $27.86 (iTunes) or $22.29 (Amazon, Windows only) or for $1.99 each (either site). For comparison, at the time of writing, Amazon has the four previous seasons at $20.99, a substantial discount from the list price of $59.98.

I don’t personally care for this approach, because I like my DVDs. I can watch and rewatch them easily on any TV in my house, instead of worrying about computer connections and hard-drive storage space. Paying for online content doesn’t make me feel like I “own” anything. (And that’s the way the studio wants it, I think.) I also can’t resell it if I want to clean house or make a little extra money. (A growing concern in today’s economy.) It probably saves the studio a good amount, though, what with not having the costs of physical production. On their investors conference call, the figures discussed were that WB gets a 60-70% margin on digital instead of 20-30% on physical media.

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JENNIE D writes:  

I am so mad that Season 5 is not out yet. I have been waiting since it started to come out, I have not watched a single episode since Season 5 started so I could watch it with my boyfriend. Its our favorite tv show and this really sucks. Plus I cant wait to add it to my collection. Hopefully it will out be soon.

season writes:  

This sucks!!! i want season 5 so bad!!! but not bad enough to pay for it online. get with the program WB….:((((((

Michala writes:  

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, especially as many release dates have come and gone to no avail, but at http://www.LoveFilm.com they give a release date of 06/10/08. Fingers crossed!

Johanna writes:  

Oh, they’re European — that means October 6. I was temporarily confused.

Jana writes:  

I am very disappointed in WB. They made all of the previous seasons available on DVD and so I think that they should finish what they started. I won’t buy the show online. I will just have to quit watching. That would be unfortunate but I bought in to owning the entire collection… not 1/2 DVD and the rest to be viewed sitting in my home office with my friends on my PC. Bad on you WB. I will think twice before I start watching any of your programs in the future now that I know how you work.

Shen writes:  

Like most of you i’ve been for season 5 to come out. I would have watched it on tv but they dont play every episode. Does anyone know of any sites that I can watch it on? i tried going to lulu.com but it won’t work in canada.

Janet writes:  

Nip/Tuck Season 5 WILL be available on DVD shortly. The studios would only lose money by making the series available only on digital media. There is NOTHING for N/T fans to worry about. You WILL get your fix – and soon!!

misscelly writes:  

Go to hula.com to watch for free. All you have to do is create an account.

Andy writes:  

Nip Tuck, Season 5 is available free on Hulu.com. Many other shows as well. We just watched the first one last night. We connected our laptop to the TV and worked great.

Danielle writes:  

I just got onto the Nip/Tuck bandwagon over the winter and am now totally considering getting off! I have all four seasons on DVD and have been eagerly waiting the release of season 5. The release solely to the internet is just plain rude to us normal people who still watch TV!

Andrea writes:  

Season 5 is being released December 30, 2008.

Tv Shows on DVD

Johanna writes:  

I know many people who will be very happy with that news. Thanks for sharing!

Michala writes:  

Yes 30th December has been given as an official release date now – I wonder why they decided to release it just afte xmas instead of before?

Ellen writes:  

I share the frustrations! I am sure I am the most die-hard N/T fan there is!! I am desperate that the new season is not on. I live in Europe, and just had my first year in the USA in 17 years abroad as an American. Imagine how much I looked forward to weekly N/T episodes!! Writers’ strike, OK, cannot fault that. But new seasons started and no N/T. I am in withdrawal….I will buy the DVDs when they are out, but when??!!! And when will season 5 complete airing on TV, or never? It was half way thru when the writers’ strike struck. What an upset!

Niall writes:  

Good news everyone! On Amazon.com Nip/tuck season 5 is listed as being released on December 30th.

Jenny writes:  

Amazon.ca is listing the release date as Jan. 02/09!

Johanna writes:  

I have just received official confirmation that the release date will be December 30. Order it here at a 30% discount: Nip/Tuck – The Complete Fifth Season.

Anthony Bertorelli writes:  

From what I understand, Season 5 is being presented in two parts, thanks to the Writers strike. The first installment ended in February of last year, with the remaining episodes beginning in January. I would hope that they delay the release of the DVD so that both parts can be included in the same set.

Haley writes:  

Hey everyone I picked up my copy on Jan 4/09 of nip tuck season 5 part one in canada. It is awesome! You can forsure get it in stores now!


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