Trinity Preview on MySpace

The next DC Universe weekly series (bored yet?) is Trinity, on sale June 4. MySpace has an “exclusive preview” of five pages and the first three covers.

The credit list itself gives a good reason why I’m not trying it:

Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza; Art by Mark Bagley and Art Thibert, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens, Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher and Mike Norton and Jerry Ordway

How can you get a decent story out of all that? Superhero comics used to promote their “universes” as a unique selling point, and I suppose they still are… but to the mature reader, they seem less a positive and more of a stumbling block.

Update: I had it wrong. As commenters pointed out, the multiple creators are because of the multi-story anthology format of the title. In the comments, Kurt Busiek lays out the planned structure. Thanks for the correction. And I admit, I’m now more interested than before.

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  1. Mark Cook Says:

    According to the body of the post, it appears that there is one continuing lead feature which is Busiek/Bagley/Thibert, and then the others (plus Busiek) are doing back-ups over four issues – which I don’t think sounds so bad.

    This isn’t to say DC can’t screw it up, but it sounds like they’ve learned something from Countdown.

  2. Andrew Wickliffe Says:

    Sorry… they have me with the “Bruce has the sexiest phone voice ever” bit

  3. Kurt Busiek Says:

    To clarify, just in case — Mark has it right.

    There’s a lead feature by me, Mark Bagley and Art Thibert.

    In #1, there’s a second chapter written by me and Fabian, with art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens.

    In #2, there’s a second chapter (featuring a different character) with the same writers, and art by Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher.

    #3 begins a three-part sequence in the back of the book with the same writers, and art by Mike Norton and Jerry Ordway.

    #6’s back chapter is Scott & Andy again. #7 is Tom & Wayne again. #8-10 are Scott & Andy again. #11 is Tom & Wayne again, and so on.

    So it’s not as if the artists are all jumbled up — all the leads are penciled and inked by the same team, and the back chapters each have a penciler and an inker, nothing untoward or bizarre.

    It may be that the fact that there are two chapters per issue and that the artists change on the back chapters as the characters featured in the change is enough to lose Johanna’s interest, and if so, well, so it goes. But it’s actually a much smaller, much more consistent group of creators than what’s been seen in previous weeklies.

    And thanks, Andrew — Batman spends so much time being grim and grimmer that the fact that he’s really, really good at being charming Bruce Wayne can get lost in the shuffle. I’d rather play with his two different “faces” than ignore either. Hope you like the rest!


  4. Johanna Says:

    Thank you for the correction. I’ve updated the original post.

  5. James Schee Says:

    Looks interesting. Though “Great Krypton”? Haven’t heard that in a long time. Not that I’m complaining it just seemed odd, but there isn’t really anything else to use.

    I mean, who wants to read Superman saying “Oh $#!+!” after all.




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