Happy Free Comic Book Day!

It’s Free Comic Book Day, the national holiday for comics (but only if you don’t order online, since those dealers aren’t allowed to participate; then again, with webcomics, every day has free comics).

Free Comic Book Day logo

Ahem, I am rambling. Today’s about the local comic shop. Many have creator appearances or special sales. Find your local participating store here.

Love & Capes #7

I wanted to point out a couple of the free comics I’ve already had the pleasure of reading. There’s a new Love and Capes #7, which is already the highlight of my day. It introduces Microdot, a shrinking superheroine with purple hair, but that’s just a cameo. The real story is about how Mark is trying to propose to Abby but isn’t sure of the right way to go about it. Getting advice from his and her friends and family is a great way to introduce the characters to new readers, plus it’s very entertaining.

Love and Capes issues always make me go “eeeeeee” with happiness after reading them. They’re terrific with their blend of romance, superheroes, and comedy.

Kids Love Comics cover

Comic Book Diner, the Kids Love Comics! offering, has a selection of kid-friendly stories featuring Roboy Red, Patrick the Wolf Boy, Buzzboy, and others, plus drawing tips and a recommended reading list from a variety of publishers. The layout is fantastic, very inviting (although I was a little dismayed they used the first paragraph of my Amelia Rules! review without credit in the Reading List section).

Today, I’m looking forward to finding copies of the IGNATZ book, a new Amelia Rules!, and Owly and Friends. Jughead visiting the Geppi Entertainment Museum in the Archie Comics giveaway might be fun, too.

14 Responses to “Happy Free Comic Book Day!”

  1. John Gallagher Says:

    Johanna– Sorry about missing your credit on the Amelia review– reviews were given to me as editor, and pulled from a variety of sources– since I did not have all these credits (as you know, the internet and creators are sometimes sloppy in including), my only recourse was to give copyright credit to respective reviews.

    I agree, credits would have been nice, and you were not the only one slighted, I am sure– i hope you will look to the bigger picture of getting the word out on these books, and accept my apology.

    Thanks for mentioning the book on your site.


  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, John. It just surprised me to see so many of the others credited when mine wasn’t. I’m sure you had a lot to pull together. No hard feelings.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Yay FCBD. Of course none of the retailers in my area ever get any of the ones except for the big publishers. So I’ll hve to wait until I can order Love and Capes (I actually missed the prior issue of it too apparently) and be envious of those with Owly and Amelia Rules!

    Are you not volunteering at a shop this year Johanna? Plus are you sure online dealers can’t particpate? I know in years past I’d get a few from DCBS if I had an order that month. (again only the big name ones)

  4. Thom Zahler Says:


    Glad you enjoy “Love and Capes”. The retail version of the FCBD book is available in Previews now, and #6 is available on the website now.

    I hope you had a good Free Comic Book Day!


  5. Thom Zahler Says:

    Thanks for the great review, Johanna!

  6. Johanna Says:

    James, nope, my shop said they didn’t need me because they were cutting back on their outreach. (Which seems to have worked out fine for everyone, since I spent the day visiting several shops around town, including theirs, and they had fewer people but more serious customers.)

    Some online retailers have associated brick-and-mortar stores, I’m told, which allows them to get some of the FCBD comics.

  7. John Gallagher Says:

    Glad to see theer are no hard feelings– we’ll try better in the future.

    Oh yeah–A clarification: Let me be clear that your credit was not left off due to anything related to Amelia’s publishing team– it was pulled from another website, and that’s where the slip up took place.

  8. Johanna Says:

    What site was that, please, so I can have them correct the error as well?

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  12. Lauren Says:


  13. Johanna Says:

    There are currently four Amelia Rules collections.

  14. Lauren Says:

    i thought there were five becuse of the very very firt one and i want him to make more there like the best book i ever read




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