Crisis at Newsarama

I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention that Newsarama is rebooting. Later this month, they’re moving to a new bulletin board system, the same one used by their “sister sites” owned by the same company, which means that all existing posts and threads will be locked.

To be totally clear the existing topics and posts will not be moving to the new boards…. You will need to create new avatars and sig files. We know some of you are really fond of yours, but feel free to re-create or hey, see this as a challenge to be even cooler and wittier. Also your post count will be starting fresh.

Join dates will be reset, and there will be no private message or ignore functionality or chat or polls or “go to last post” function. Sounds like the only folks really gaining from this transition is tech support, since the new system is reported to be more stable. Instead of message board threads, the structure will be articles and comments. There will also be RSS feeds.

Also, they will be adding a lot more video game coverage, as well as other, not-yet-named subjects and “lots of video”. I’m not surprised — many companies see comic book venues not as a way to cover a medium but a way to reach the young adult male, and so they’re willing to branch out to other topics that demographic is interested in. But back to the remastering.

…there will definitely be a forum area, which includes Talk@, forums on DC and Marvel (as well as other publishers), a new forum on Manga and Anime, a place to write reviews, and about 5 other forums.

So, anyone think a lot of manga readers are going to start hanging out at Newsarama after this changeover? Several existing posters seemed interesting by that addition.

7 Responses to “Crisis at Newsarama”

  1. TopJack Says:

    Newsarama has become a pitiful shilling site that is basically a repository for glorified press releases. The Blog@newsarama section, surprisingly, has a bit of bite to it – most likely due to the absence of Matt Brady – but the main site is nothing more than the latest carnival-barking hype from Mark Millar.

    Seriously, does he take a bowl movement without Newsarama covering it? It’s his personal PR site.

  2. TopJack Says:

    That should have been “bowel.” You’d think I worked for Wizard.

  3. Matthew Craig Says:

    Are they going to have musical/video adverts that play automatically when the page loads up? I do not like such things.

    Which is all that matters.


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  5. Rick Rottman Says:

    Something not mentioned in Matt Brady’s post is that if your particular user ID is already being used over on LiveScience, or, you’re out of luck. I went over to and created an account to use on the message board. I then went over to and tried to do the same thing using the same user ID. No dice. It said that user ID was already taken. What this means is that someone, anyone, can go over to any one of these “sister sites” and create a user ID using an existing Newsarama user ID and there is nothing the person over on Newsarama that originally had the user ID can do about it. The potential for abuse it great.

    Another problem people will have is that over on the other Pluck-based message board system, user ID’s using two words is not possible. That means instead of using John Smith, a person will be forced to use John_Smith.

    Both of these wrinkles will make it difficult to find and read past messages posted on the originally Newsarama website.

  6. Alan Coil Says:

    Rick Rottman’s post make it seem as if Newsarama is taking a technological step backward. The use of an underscore, as in “John_Smith” seems dated. Isn’t that something left over from Bulletin Boards?

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