Action Annual #11 Ad Choices

I took a flip through Action Comics Annual #11 out of curiosity. The cover promises “The Last Son Finale”, which sounded interesting, even though I didn’t recall having read any of the rest of it. (I had a different cover than the one shown here. This one doesn’t seem to have the tag line text.)

Action Comics Annual #11 cover

Turns out that it’s one of the delayed conclusions DC’s becoming famous for. Written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner with art by Adam Kubert, the previous pieces of this story came out over a year ago. (Johns blamed Kubert‘s schedule for the change when it was announced in April 2007.)

It was interesting enough, with Lex and his anti-Kryptonian weapons and villains — Parasite, Metallo, Bizarre — teaming up with Superman to fight Zod and a gang of escaped Phantom Zone inmates. Plus, it explained the young Christopher Kent. And the art was attractive. (Except for the odd up-the-butt center spread on pages 14 and 15. If I’m going to be staring down the wrong end of someone’s alimentary canal, the package ought to at least be attractive and full packed. Instead, it appears that this flying guy has no buttocks.)

Action Comics Annual #11 spread

My biggest problem started about page 12. (The comic is 64 pages in total.) I started being distracted by the ads. I’m reading this violent battle between a group of superpowered criminals bent on taking over the earth, destruction be damned, and a group of vigilantes pushed to the limit in fighting them. And on page 12, there’s a bright yellow and orange Scooby Doo ad. “That’s odd”, I thought.

Then I started noticing the other ads: they were promoting the Batman Strikes! comic, the Johnny DC titles, the Legion cartoon comic tie-in. DC must classify Action as a kids’ title and run the children’s ads in it. Which sounds like a fine idea, that Superman comics sell to kids, until you realize that these ads are interspersed with scenes of someone threatening to pop a child’s head like a grape. Of turning a Kryptonian into an ant and squashing his head. Of bad guys falling out of the sky and splatting on the sidewalk. Of someone on fire being shot through the forehead and burning up. And then there’s the happy Super Friends ad!

That aside, this was a pretty good read, although it apparently causes continuity problems due to the publication delay.

2 Responses to “Action Annual #11 Ad Choices”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    Cognitive dissonance in advertising?

  2. kwaku Says:

    I found that a bit odd too. However, I think the violence was relatively tame. It reminded me a lot of violence on anime/manga like Naruto and Bleach. It’s violent but it’s not gore. There was a lot of hints like the Kyrptonians falling out of the sky, we “hear” it but we don’t see their bodies. I would take that over the gore found in so many books.




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