RIP Rory Root

The trade organization ComicsPro is reporting that well-known retailer Rory Root (owner of Comic Relief in Berkeley, CA) is in the hospital in a coma.

Rory’s a wonderful guy and I’m very sorry to hear this news. Please send your good thoughts/prayers/wishes his way.

Update: Heidi is now reporting that Rory has passed away. Rest in peace, Rory.

Update: Fellow retailer Brian Hibbs provides a testimonial as to why his passing has saddened so many. Tom Spurgeon provides a history of Rory’s time in the comic retail business.

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2 Responses to “RIP Rory Root”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    Good thoughts to you and your family, Rory

  2. Roger A. Says:

    RIP Rory. I always enjoyed talking with him. He was one of the good ones.

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