Men of the DCU Poster Contest Winners

After reviewing the entries and reading your comments (thank you!), here are the winners:

First place: Jeff Hebert — I could mention a lot of his work’s good qualities, but finally, it was because I thought his men were hot. Jeff will get $50 as first prize.

Second place: Johnny Zito — for his adorable Clark Kent and shirtless Aquaman. Johnny wins $30.

Third place (tie): Paul Salvi — for his fashion sense, with tails and a white dinner jacket — and Philip Rice — because he really channeled the original poster influence in variety and posing. They each win $20.

Thank you all, readers and artists, for your participation in this little experiment!

3 Responses to “Men of the DCU Poster Contest Winners”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for hosting the contest Johanna.

  2. Jeff Hebert Says:

    Thanks Johanna, I’m honored and delighted to have won, particularly given how strong all of the entries were. It was a great idea, I’m glad you decided to share it with everyone and to host the contest.

    If I can indulge in the gaucherie of a plug here, I just wanted to mention that I run a caption contest every week at (down in the blog area). The winner gets a free, custom, black and white illustration of whatever they like (within reason) by me.

    So if you wanted to enter this one but couldn’t draw, head on over each Tuesday and try your creative captioning skill to get an illustration of your own.

    OK, plug over — thanks again everyone, the poster was a hoot to draw and I am surprised and grateful to have won. Wonderful job everyone!!

  3. JohnnyZito Says:

    Great contest, lots of fun!

    Hope we can get together for more things like this.




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