Tokyopop Boycott?

Because of Tokyopop’s Manga Pilots contracts, John Jakala has suggested (with a hilarious headline) a Tokyopop boycott for readers and reviewers. Are you willing to do so?

Or, like John and I, has the company already taken care of that for you by no longer publishing many titles you’re interested in?


  1. I read very little manga — and no TokyoPop — so like you, my boycotting them will have little effect.

    But I sure won’t be *trying* anything by them until I see signs of improvement.

  2. you’d think publishers would have learned a little something about treating the talent right over the last 70ish years?

  3. I’m also much in the same boat as you guys. The only series of theirs I follow any more is Sgt. Frog, which is only published about twice a year these days (since they’ve caught up with the Japanese releases).

  4. I’d like to purchase the remaining volumes of two OEL series I enjoy (Fool’s Gold and Steady Beat), but otherwise, there’s nothing from them I’ve been following, and I don’t plan to try anything new in the future.

  5. Tokyopop boycott is easy for me. I’m not following any of their current titles, so no real effect either way from here.

    I’m more curious how a proposed boycott might affect their business policies. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

  6. I had meant to catch up with the dozen or so volumes of Fruits Basket I’d missed out on, but I’ve since rethought that. Ah well.

  7. Now that Dramacon, Tramps Like Us are over, the only ones I really like from them are Steady Beat and Kindaichi Case Files.

    SB only has the one remaining volume right?

    And while I LOVE Kindaichi, I haven’t seen a volume of it in 2 years or so since the stores here don’t seem to carry it. (heck TP’s site store even has some of them out of stock)

    So kind of easy to boycott isn’t it?

  8. Since I don’t buy manga by the publishing house; I had to check to see if what I was currently buying from them. and I note that nothing current – although I do need to get some “Tramps Like Us” back volumes. If I get them used, I would be part of a boycott, right? I have a tendency to buy a series by buying a volume -and if I like it, then putting the next number in my ” comic shop pull” and buy the back volumes as I read the earlier volume – right now I see DelRay is my top company –

  9. I think this general response, along the lines of “I don’t read very much from them”, may indicate why they’re seeking for new types of business at a minimal cost. And that may be why a boycott would likely not have the desired result.

  10. When Tokyopop started messing around with their releases (delaying titles, having online only sales) I decided that I would continue to collect series that I had already started, but any new titles I’d hold off on until all volumes were published. That was in August of 2006. I work in a bookstore, though, so I could still read the new stuff they were putting out. In two years I’ve only picked up three of their new titles. I’m not even buying Fruits Basket anymore since I found I could get the Singapore editions much faster.

    I agree with the above: boycotting Tokyopop is just too easy.

  11. I was thinking of starting Kindaichi Case Files. Other than that, the Tokyopop titles I was interested in I’ve already bought, and they’re not encouraging me to look and see if I’d be interested in more.

    I may or may not avoid buying Kindaichi, I’m not sure, but I’ve certainly not going to get anything beyond that or give them a browse. They’re not the only game in town, I can get manga elsewhere (Del Rey’s Cromartie is the one I’m currently binging on).

  12. I think more could be accomplished by promoting works from publishers with better ethics with similar output who might not have as much reach in the market[Oni Press, SLG, and any of the manga companies publishing original works who don’t take their creators rights….. Yen, Del Rey, presumably VIZ when they do it?]. If more people bought from the more ethical competition, it’d give them and artists more opportunities.

  13. Just in case people don’t click through to see the update, last night after reading the full contract I reversed my opinion and issued a retraction. So, no more calls for a boycott from me. I’d still advise everyone to closely inspect the contract (and get legal advice if you plan to submit a pilot), but I don’t think it’s the big rights grab everyone was initially making it out to be.

  14. Well, I posed the same question, but realized that there isn’t much I buy from them, if anything at all. During Right Stuf’s recent TP sale, I only bought the remaining volumes of Happy Mania that I didn’t have, the lovely and violent OEL Gyakushu! v. 2, and pre-ordered the upcoming Fruits Basket release.

    Of course, considering my buying patterns, I don’t think I’ll have much of an effect boycott-wise. But, if we can get “the kids” that are TP’s target demo aware of what’s going on, at least they’ll think about whether or not they purchase TP in the future. Or, at least, that’s the reaction I got over at my blog…

  15. “SB only has the one remaining volume right?”

    Steady Beat 3 is the last one, James, though I’m still trying to negotiate with Tokyopop on giving me two extra chapters. Originally I was told I could get a fourth book only to have that retracted halfway through book 3. They want to give me $750 per extra chapter, which is unacceptable to me. So it’s been on hold while I wait to hear back. In the meantime, I work on other projects, like my children’s series.

  16. Thanks for the update Rivkah! I knew there was some type of delay going on about length, but couldn’t remember details.

    I really like the series and hope you get the length you need to finish it properly. Its a great story so far, and I’m anxious to see where everyone winds up. As a plus, being a Texan myself its been pretty cool to see places I know, and it not have everyone with cowboy hats and guns as in most Texas based stories.

  17. Even without Tokyopop the world would still go round. I mean if Tokypop was ever boycotted then most of its popular titles from kodansha would go to Del Rey, and that includes titles like: Love attack, Beck, and Five Kingdoms. A majority of its Hakusensha titles would most likely go to Viz and the other titles would go to other publishers. I bet if you gave one of Tokyopops licenses to companies like Viz or Del Rey, you would see a huge difference in quality between Tokyopop’s way of editing things and Del Rey’s version of doing it right. So, in conclusion without Tokyopop you would see the mangas that you really want put in better quality.

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