Kitchen Princess Book 6

Recently, I was saying how predictable I found this title. Then came Book 6 to prove me wrong, with something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a shojo title.

Spoilers follow.

Kitchen Princess Book 6 cover
Kitchen Princess Book 6
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Following up on the cliffhanger from the last volume, the boy Najika has a crush on has been hit by a car while trying to meet her before she has to compete in a dessert cook-off. All the friends rush to the hospital where he’s in critical condition.

Even in his weakened state, Sora tells her he wants her to fulfill her dream of becoming the best pastry chef. That’s not the unexpected part. He then tells her he’s not the kid from her past. I found that surprising, that the revelation we saw coming wasn’t dragged out for another couple of volumes. And then he dies! That’s the first time I’ve seen a male lead pass away in a shojo series.

Given that Najika is an orphan, the double-page spread of her thinking, “Why, God? Why do you always take away the people I care about?” packs quite a punch. In spite of her grief, she sets off for the competition because it’s what Sora would have wanted. Unfortunately, she’s then saddled with a remarkably odd psychosomatic syndrome: due to her shock, she loses her sense of taste.

I wish less attention had been paid to, “oh, no, how’s she going to cook with everything tasting the same?” I would think “how’s she going to cook having just lost her best friend?” would have been dramatic enough. Then it gets ramped up yet another notch: she’s kicked out of school as everyone, including the school headmaster who is also Sora’s father, blames her for his death. (Charming educational system, that is.)

Note that all the grieving also requires plenty of moist, marble-eyed closeups, both of those left behind and the departed one, who is shown watching from above. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the big-eyed shojo manga style, this is definitely not the book for you — but you probably knew that several volumes ago.

In the midst of the overheated drama, teen model and friend Akane does a remarkably sensible thing: even though she doesn’t cook, she cobbles together a curry sushi roll and forces Najika to eat something. Her reasoning? That if anything would wake up Najika’s taste buds, spicy food would do it. Then, even more smartly, she makes an appointment for Najika with a psychologist. She’s my favorite character, even though we see her rarely. She provides some seasoned depth that balances Najika’s super-sweetness.

(A complimentary copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)


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  2. the book is soo sad!! i god depressed reading it! i want Najika to fall in love with Daichi! (and get those stupid glasses off of him!!)if i wrote the book i would have had Daichi kiss her and then made her realize that she loves him! also i would not make sora die, i would just make him fall inlove with some one else, like Akane!

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  4. when does Kitchen Princess vilume 10 come out??

  5. well , i dont want akane to make trouble to Najika but still i want Daichi to be with Najika , and i want sora to be with akane. so he wont be lonely , if i wrote this story i would’ve made it become real.

  6. I Think that i want Najika 2 be with Sora, Because Thier Both blondies. And i Want Daichi to try to fall in love with Akane and try to be friends with Najika <3 so the both popular boys would have gf’s and would stay togethier.. thats what i think . and if i was the one who wrote the story i would’ve made it interesting. rather then being Optimistic.

  7. i want najika and daichi to go out because they are so cute togther,and sora should have went out with akne instead of dying when i read book 6 i was so depressed

  8. I think that Najika and Daichi should definately go out and Arkane and Najika should still be friends. Daichi should at least tell Najika how he feels. I was so depressed and was crying in the 6th book because of Sora being dead.

  9. why did he die i hate manga that has a bad ending and has to do with someone’s death that is part of the main charater!!!!!

  10. wait sora died?

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