Comic Cancellations

When a new Previews catalog comes out, the first thing I read is the Product Cancellations list at the end of the order book. Part of it is wanting to know what I should still be expecting to get out of items I’ve preordered; part of it is the same impulse that makes you slow down near a car wreck. For some, it’s a shame to see the best-laid plans for new series and books end up with a code that says “Cancelled by Publisher” or “Series/Product Line Cancelled”; for others, you saw it coming.

Ant Unleashed

Ant #1 cover

For example, let’s look at the checkered publishing history of Ant. According to this Newsarama interview with series creator Mario Gully, he came up with the idea while in jail for robbery. He released 4 issues with Arcana Studios then moved to Image where 11 issues came out. I never paid any attention to the book, because of covers like this one where the focus is on perfectly rounded buttcheeks. The only time I’ve talked about it was when Gully apologized for drawing a stripper naked. (Think about it.)

Image cancelled the title due to the book being “chronically late and sales were in free-fall,” and Gully started getting work from Marvel. Jeff Kaufman, Ant‘s co-scripter, then launched Big City Comics to publish Ant Unleashed. Now, issues #4-6 are cancelled. The error-ridden publisher’s announcement is (no longer available); the artist has also commented. It looks like another case of “creative differences” or reading between the lines, maybe Gully’s just lost interest and prefers the big company paycheck.

Godfather Chronicles

The Godfather Chronicles #1 cover

This case I’m curious about. One of Boom! Studios’ big announcements at last year’s San Diego Con was that they would be doing The Godfather Chronicles, an ongoing licensed series with the first story written by new Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid.

The first issue was solicited for March of this year, but it never appeared. Now issues #1-3 are cancelled. Perhaps working with Paramount took longer than expected? Someone changed their mind? Brando’s estate didn’t like the cover?


Looks like the relaunch ran into some snags. Nexus issues #101 and #102 are cancelled, but judging from printing complaints at their website, I’m guessing they’re just delayed. Then again, with no news since February, who knows?

Update: Heidi found some more information on MySpace: After some illness, the Rudes are waiting until both issues are completely done before resoliciting. It’s hoped to be a September/October release.

Comics Introspective

TwoMorrows announced in early 2007 a book series focused on independent/alternative creators called Comics Introspective. One volume came out later that year focused on Peter Bagge. Book two was supposed to cover Dean Haspiel. However, in the meantime, series editor Christopher Irving left the company. Last year, in an interview, he said that regarding the Haspiel volume, most of the work was completed, and then he hinted at a different possible future for the series.

8 Responses to “Comic Cancellations”

  1. Jay Faerber Says:

    Was that Big City press release written in a foreign language and then poorly translated into English or something? My god, that thing’s awful.

  2. Dave Carter Says:

    Mark Waid talked briefly about the Godfather delays when he did the Word Balloon podcast a few weeks back. He didn’t say what the problem was exactly, but that it was neither Boom!’s fault nor Paramount’s. (Reading between the lines, I would guess there was a third party rights issue of some sort.) He was cautiously optimistic that things would be worked out at some point.

  3. thekamisama Says:

    Poor Nexus, one day they will finally be able to finish that book up. It is almost depressing to think how many times the book has done this now.

  4. John Platt Says:

    I used to always read that “Canceled” list, too. Sometimes I wasn’t surprised, other times I was deeply saddened.

  5. Paul Sizer Says:

    Holy crap, I’ve had VCR instructions that were better composed and worded than that ANT press release. I love that they keep adding extra capitalized adjectives to each time they mention Ant. The next in line would have been “Super Karate Monkey Deathcar Sugar-Frosted Ant”.

  6. Jason A. Quest Says:

    Big City has struck me as a puzzling combination of ambition and money to spend (those premier-publisher-style multipage ads in Previews every month) and amateurism (hard-to-read logo, weak ad design, now this badly written press release). A blustering fan-artist like Gully seemed a good fit with them.

  7. Evan Says:

    Of course Big City is still soliciting the next arc of Omega One with art by Gully.

    With Gully stating he’s not doing anything anymore with not only Big City but independent comic companies in general I’m glad I didn’t pre-order those two issues and waste money.

    I’ll get my last issue of the first Omega One arc and no doubt say bye bye to Ant forever.

    While I understand Gully’s financial need to work for hire, the sheer fact that he’s now gone through 3 companies with his own creation and each time burning the bridge with each of them just makes him an ill advised individual to hire for ANY project.

  8. Marc Mason Says:

    If there was a just and merciful god at the center of our universe, this would mean we were finally free of Gully, the only creator in comics who can make Raven Gregory look like he actually has talent. But now he threatens work for hire? The horror! The horror…




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