Online Comic-Writing Course, a community and career site for journalists and other creative/media professionals, is now offering an online course on writing comics and graphic novels.

Here are the details:

4 weeks, June 16 – July 14
$350 fee
Instructor: David Seidman

This course will show you the entire comics-making process, from devising a proposal and writing word balloons to surviving Comic-Con International and handling Hollywood.

In this class, you will learn:

* The most popular genres, formats, and styles
* Techniques and mistakes of visual storytelling
* How the publishing companies’ decision-makers work
* What publishers do — and don’t — want
* The basics of comics contracts and partnerships
* The power and pain of self-publishing
* How to market to comics readers and the wider world

Four weeks doesn’t seem like much time to cover all of that material. I would think you could fill that time just with the marketing information alone! And the pitch, including a tagline that says “Work in a medium that publishers and studios love”, seems to promise a lot more success than can be guaranteed.

For most writers I know, “finding an artist” is the biggest challenge they face, something not mentioned here, but I guess if you’re mostly pitching to publishers, that’s less of a concern. And for a course focused on writing, I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on the unique needs and characteristics of comics (covered in the “visual storytelling” bullet above, I suspect) and less on Hollywood.

One Response to “Online Comic-Writing Course”

  1. Jason Rodriguez Says:

    I teach this same exact class at the Bethesda Writer’s Center except we cover how to find and network with artists and even hook the student up with some fantastic artists (Matt Kindt, Tom Beland, etc). The whole class is 12 weeks long, I can’t imagine doing anything similar in 4 weeks…

    Our is also the same price. Just saying.




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