Hey! I’m on a Heroes Panel!

Although KC and I are heading for Heroes Con this weekend, I haven’t yet had time to check the guest list or panel schedule to figure out what we’re planning to do there. (Current to do list: Say hi to friends; Get Jeff Parker to sign my X-Men First Class book. I’m sure there will be more items to come.)

So I was reading Heidi’s post on the show, and she started talking about a comic journalism panel. I hit the phrase “featuring some of the leading lights on the comics journalism scene”, and I get that left-out feeling, thinking “oh, of course I’m not that well-known”, when lo and beyond, I’m on it! Wow! I’m honored. Should be a great discussion.

Since it’s scheduled for Friday at noon, that means I’ll have to leave even earlier that morning. We drive down, about five hours, so if you see me there and I’m loopy, you’ll know why.

Also that day, at 5 PM, is a panel on “The Creative Household”, featuring couples who both work in comics. Cool idea!

2 Responses to “Hey! I’m on a Heroes Panel!”

  1. James Schee Says:

    You’re being way too modest Johanna! I mean you’ve been doing CWR for what ..9 years? Written for The Comic Journal, PIQ, Comicology and such. You’re known girl!! (uhm.. it really doesn’t work for a guy to say that phrase does it?:) )

    Sounds like a great con! Heroes is always a lot of fun, and I hope to make it again someday.

    Do wish I’d been reminded of X-Men First Class when I was doing my birtday order from Amazon though! lol

  2. Evie Says:

    Dang how I do love the X-Men first class. I wish the X-Men were always that fun.

    And I dig the creative household thing, especially since my husband and I just started co-hosting a comics podcast together. I mean we can’t draw or anything, but we are really creative at using cuss words together.




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