Another Archie “Realistic” Tale in October

Archie has announced that they’ll be doing another four-part digest series in a more “realistic” art style, beginning in Pals’n’Gals Double Digest #125, due in October. This time, Moose and Midge break up and Midge dates Reggie in a story written by Melanie J. Morgan, who handled the Betty & Veronica redo.

PalsnGals Double Digest #125 cover

From the press release:

First came Betty and Veronica’s “Bad Boy Trouble,” followed by Jughead dealing with a bunch of “Match Makers.” Now, the latest story to portray the famous Riverdale teens in a realistic style is here… and it may spell the end of one of the longest-running romances in Archie Comics history!

Feeling confined by Moose’s possessive nature, Midge decides to try an experiment — namely dating Reggie! We all know this will make Moose fly off the handle, but this time it won’t have an “all’s well that ends well” resolution.

Can Archie and his friends help pick up the pieces of this shattered relationship, or is it better to leave them where they lay?

2007’s “Bad Boy Trouble” set the comics world on its ear as the teens were depicted in a realistic style. This year’s “Match Makers” continued the look and kept people talking. Now veteran penciller Tod Smith and journeyman inker Al Milgrom carry on that look in what is sure to be the most explosive Archie Comics story of the year!

I don’t generally look for “explosive” in my Archie reading, myself. And I find it interesting that they’re calling the Jughead series part of the “realistic” look, since when it was promoted, they switched to “New Look” terminology instead. Which makes sense, since that was drawn by Joe Staton and wasn’t particularly realistic-looking.

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  1. Kiki Says:

    Well, I won’t say I’m not looking forward to the Moose/Midge breakup (I’ve been wanting to see a story taking a look at their relationship for years); but I am a bit worried that Archie is doing too many of these continued tales. I like them; they make a great “Ultimates” line, if you will – it’s just I don’t want the company/characters to fall into the continuity trap. I mean Nick from “Bad Boy Trouble” is being referenced in an upcoming story in the “original” line – that seems like they’re tightening up on backstories. I like the looser background myself. Shows how old I am. :) On the other hand, my 5th-6th graders will probably go gaga over the longer story. I assume this is an attempt to keep the girls who would go on to read manga’s longer stories interested in Archie books.

    With these “new look” stories, the Katy Keene graphic novel, and all the Sonic books scheduled, it looks like Archie’s really trying to expand their place in the market. I’m just not sure it’s the best time to try it in this economic climate. And I’d hate to see the quality of the books I like go down.

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