Two DC Questions I’m Suspicious About

Received from DC in email:


Please note that all orders for the DC UNIVERSE SPECIAL: AMBUSH BUG (JUN080222) are cancelled.

Why would they do that? You think it might have something to do with reprint compensation? Or just lack of interest?

Graeme McMillan says he was told, regarding Dan DiDio’s continuing tenure at DC:

despite DC’s disappointing performance under DiDio, they may be forced to stick with him due to the lack of anyone else within the company with the experience and/or ambition to step into the position instead.

You think maybe that’s on purpose? Didn’t princes who ascended to kingdom tend to kill the other heirs to eliminate the competition?

DiDio came in from outside, why not get more new blood? Or maybe even someone driven away previously?

6 Responses to “Two DC Questions I’m Suspicious About”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Wait–Ambush Bug cancelled? That’s terrible, I was really looking forward to the goofy.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Just the reprint special, not the miniseries.

  3. Scott Cederlund Says:

    Showcase Ambush Bug is starting to show up on lists of late 2008 DC collections that are popping up on the internet. I wonder if they canceled the special and are replacing it with the Showcase.

  4. Andrew Says:

    No love for Ambush Bug…

  5. Adam Arnold Says:

    DC UNIVERSE SPECIAL are overpriced as it is with no real long-term shelf-life to them that a TPB would have. I guess the others haven’t been selling that well to justify doing more? Plus, it does make more sense to just print a black and white Showcase volume…

  6. Chris G. Says:

    The OMAC reprint special was the only thing tying into a DC event that I’ve bought since 2003, mainly because I read my Best Of DC Digest with the Superman-Omac team-up in it to pieces when I was a kid…




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