New Video Series Set in Comic Store

Filmed at Midtown Comics in NYC, Kyle Piccolo, Comic Book Therapist makes fun of both comic retailers and customers. Fan has problem, Piccolo shows answer in comic, customer buys more.

This could be really funny, depending on the problems and their solutions, but it didn’t quite get there for me yet. But then, there’s only been two episodes, and the first, “He’s a God”, is a behind-the-scenes introducing the creators and characters (plus the Dark Knight trailer, twice). (It’s the same mistake many columnists make in writing their first column about what they’re going to be writing about starting next time.)

I also wonder about this line on the otherwise normal About page: “Delivering his message on a weekly basis will build a strong relationship with the audience and help cement publishers’ presence in the world of online video.” Are they aiming for comic publisher sponsorship? It sounds like they’re pimping the viewers they’re going to get.

Anyway, it’s free, check it out. I like the sidekick.

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