Archie Comics for June 2008

Archie & Friends #120

Archie & Friends #120 cover

The gang’s world tour concludes with trips to Rome and Switzerland. Now, I know Archie comics aren’t the place to look for realism, but who books a high school tour to visit London, Spain, Nairobi, and then back to Italy?

Anyway, the end of the tour means finding out who the man in the green trenchcoat is who’s been trailing them. (Green? Not exactly nondescript.) Chuck and Archie stow away on a helicopter in pursuit of Veronica, who’s been kidnapped… and is remarkably quiet about the whole thing, given her personality.

Betty gets to save the day at one point, yay, but then is left behind as the guys go off on more adventure. But that’s ok, because she and Moose then get to save the day again. Artwise, it’s eh. Typical for its publisher these days, nothing standout except the goofy exaggerated expressions everyone has. And the odd pink skies of Switzerland.

Next issue: it’s off to Comic-Con. Which may mean we’ll get to see Chuck, the aspiring comic artist, have a significant role. Hopefully, there won’t be too many congratulatory “oh, look, there are the popular Archie comic artists” panels. But conventions are fun; let’s look forward to seeing it captured with these teens.

Betty & Veronica #236

Betty & Veronica #236 cover

Ewww, that’s creepy. Nick St. Clair, the “bad boy” from the “realistic look” story from Betty & Veronica Double Digest #151-154, is now part of “regular” continuity. Veronica and Betty, while at the beach, think that they hear someone say “Nick”, and then they reminisce. Well, summarize is more like it:

Veronica: He dated me when he wanted to be with you! He was the ultimate scoundrel!

Betty: Let’s forget about Mr. No Good Nick St. Clair! We’ll never see him again! Thank goodness!

No, Veronica, the ultimates belong to another company. But I hope Betty’s right. Odd of Archie to reinforce that in this way, though. The best erasures happen when everyone, creators, characters, and fans simply never speak of the character again.

Turns out that, as expected with such a definite statement, Archie is dangling Nick’s return to readers. The story ends with readers asked whether he should come back. NO! Aside from being a cliché, everyone acted like idiots in that story.

Another story in this issue treats world travel reservations like a pair of movie tickets, with characters casually swapping around trips to Paris and Norway. What a change from hometown Riverdale!

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