Batman Ride Kills Teen in Georgia

A 17-year-old climbed two fences, entered an “off limits” area, and was killed by the Batman roller coaster, according to the Atlanta paper. Other sources are reporting that he was “decapitated”.

This is not the kind of news Warner Bros. was hoping for with the opening of the next Batman movie next month.

6 Responses to “Batman Ride Kills Teen in Georgia”

  1. Don MacPherson Says:

    Given the circumstances in this case, I really can’t see Warner Bros. or other corporations taking heat over this one. It’s a tragedy, sure, but it sounds as though the responsibility falls, at least for the most part, on the injured party.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, definitely. But still, it’s not the kind of context in which you want the Batman name all over the papers.

  3. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I’m a horrible human being.

    The first thought- na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-HEADLESS!

    Second thought- BAM! POW! DECAPITATE!

    Third thought- waiting for the inevitable LOLBatmandecapitation meme…

    It’s really not funny, though. What a horrible way to go.

  4. Kevin Huxford Says:

    Word is, he was trying to collect his hat that fell down in that area. For loss of a hat, he lost his head.

    As far as responsibility, I’d agree that it falls on the guy…but I already hear some people wondering why the fences weren’t built higher and other deterring bits. That might get the family of the deceased further in a suit than is probably deserved.

  5. Headless Says:

    The hat story is not true. The local atlanta news stated that several teens from a church group purposely jumped the fences. The idea was to jump up as the coaster was passing above and grab riders feet. Not sure if this was to scare a rider or to steal their kicks. This kid jumped too high and the coaster knocked his head off. Just think if they had grabbed a childs feet and dragged him down, we would have a dead innoncent victim instead of this brainless perp.

  6. Never my fault Says:

    Well regardless if the kid was at fault, you can rest assured that it will be another one of those deals where they just didn’t make the area completely idiotproof. The truth is you can’t protect people from theirselves. I am sure they got a settlement… I can’t find any info on it though.

    If the fence had been fifty feet tall with razor wire on it, we would now be talking about a kid that climbed to the top of a fence and got cut up by the wire and how unsafe that was. It’s a loose-loose situation.




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