Image Publisher Change

Erik Larsen is stepping down as Image Publisher; Eric Stephenson will be replacing him. Comic Book Resources has the news and an interview with Larsen. (And isn’t it interesting that they broke the story over Newsarama? That’s happening more often.) It seems that the reason is just that it’s time for a change, and Larsen would like to spend more time working on his comics.

Is this the first time that Image has had as Publisher someone who wasn’t one of the original seven founders? Before Larsen, it was Valentino, but I don’t recall before that.

Update: CBR has also posted an interview with Stephenson in which he seems to be facing the challenges of the future clear-eyed and with intelligence.

3 Responses to “Image Publisher Change”

  1. Nick Says:

    “And isn’t it interesting that they broke the story over Newsarama?”

    Didn’t (doesn’t?) Erik Larsen have a column at CBR? Maybe that would account for CBR getting the scoop over Newsarama more than anything related to Newsarama being under new ownership.

  2. Nat Gertler Says:

    Did Image even have a “publisher” before Valentino? That would be the Larry Marder era (and for those playing along at home – no, Larry was not an Image founder, in fact his work was about as far from what Image was founded on as one can imagine), but he was n “Executive Director.”

  3. Johanna Says:

    That would account for why I can’t remember one. :)

    Nick, it’s usually about relationships, yes. And I wasn’t saying anything about N’s new ownership — I was just noting that CBR seems to be doing a great job of breaking stories lately.




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