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Here’s some additional notes on recent stories:

PiQ Magazine Folds: Editor Kevin Gifford lists reasons new print magazines won’t survive. His first reason was one I hadn’t been aware of: advertisers are abandoning print. Combine that with a lack of patience among investors — wisdom used to be that you’d expect to quit losing money after three years, but PiQ’s backers couldn’t even wait four months — and you have a recipe for failure.

(Another contributor shows up in the comments and blames “the death of ADV” for the magazine’s demise, which should fuel more of those rumors for a while. Yet more commenters use the excuse to once again gripe about the death of Newtype USA, PiQ’s predecessor. Horse cremated, already.)

Sales at Heroes Con: Exhibitor Ben Towle did better than expected, and he shares his thoughts on why. He points out that those who did well have built up an audience at the show through time and patience. He focuses on basics as well: have good displays, smile and look approachable, be willing to do some work, and keep someone at the table.

The Question of Comic Journalism: Heidi responds to a column about the DiDio rumors by posting the equivalent of “I know something you don’t, but it’s not worth sharing with YOU”:

there are a couple of assumptions Steven makes in his column that I could refine based on well-sourced information that I have heard. But is it worth it? Every time bits of actual inside information are posted on the web, the fans go ape-shit spinning-off all sorts of totally bogus claims and reverberations about that information. So is it even worth it? Usually not.

I admit, I feel that way sometimes — only in my case, it usually comes out as “if they only knew what I knew, they’d agree with me” — but I’m not sure what the point of posting that is, except to draw lines between “us” and “them”?

She doesn’t want to share the truth because people might go crazy with it. Good thing Alan Moore didn’t feel that way, or we wouldn’t have had Watchmen for fear of what might (and did) go wrong with the grim’n’gritty approach once others got their hands on it. You have to do what you think best, regardless of what someone else might spin off from it or misinterpret. You aren’t responsible for what they do. If you know something you don’t want to share, fine. But don’t run around saying “I know something but I’m not sharing.”

3 Responses to “Recent Story Followup”

  1. Sarah Says:

    That’s just insulting. Sooner or later, at a certain point, somewhere, somebody is going to have to realize that the comics audience these days is made up largely of…grown-ups. *gasp*!

  2. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Actually, in my experience, a majority of adults that post are fairly damn juvenile (myself included). And Johanna, while I don’t disagree with your general take on Heidi’s post, I think it somewhat misleading to characterize her post in a certain way, then later put “I know something but I’m not sharing.” in quotes leading some to potentially think Heidi wrote something that childish. It unintentionally comes across as dumbing down her point to make it easier for you to counter it.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Well, Tim, if you enjoy being treated like an idiot by people trying to sell stuff to you, I guess that’s your privilege as an adult, but it really doesn’t work for me.

    And Johanna wrote “the equivalent of” and provided the actual quote. People who can’t work that out probably can’t be helped.




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