Young Avengers Presents #6: Hawkeye

I really liked this comic. That’s because it was by two big talents — Matt Fraction writes, Alan Davis draws — and starred one of the best new Marvel characters, Kate Bishop.

Young Avengers Presents #6 cover

I don’t have much more to say about it, really. I liked the blend of personal drama and superheroics. I especially thought it was cool to face her off against the former Hawkeye in a kind of generational passing of the torch. Or bow, in this case.

Alan Davis draws gorgeous. The panel where she’s protectively clutching her weapon is eye candy that doesn’t disrupt the page, sexy without being exploitative.

The little touches were fun, too. The Mythbusters callout. The gossip passing. This was the first time I’ve seen the Speed character be of any interest whatsoever, and here he fills a unique role with a distinctive voice. Most of all, these kids feel like kids but still heroes.

I hope there are more good stories coming with this team, but it’ll take some great writers and artists to do it.

3 Responses to “Young Avengers Presents #6: Hawkeye”

  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    My favorite part was how Kate was wearing a dress that appeared to be a wink to the 70s outfit Hakweye used to wear.

  2. Shawn Hill Says:

    Alan Davis? I must read this immediately! I’ve been underwhelmed by the series as a whole, but I really liked the recent one-shot crossover with Runaways.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I haven’t seen the crossover yet, but we buy just about everything Alan Davis does. LOVE his work!




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