Help Harris – Buy Art Prints

Harris O’Malley, writer/artist of All Miracles Have a Price, has had a modern tragedy: his hard drive, containing most of his paintings, illustrations, and art as a professional, died and died hard.

(Before you say “he should have had backups”, first, this was a RAID arrangement, and second, that is the least helpful thing ever.)

Because the drive wound up physically damaged, he had to send it to a clean room which is giving him an estimate of $3700 for recovery. He’s selling prints to try and raise the money to get back seven years of his career. View more of his art at Studio Underhill and follow the news here.

One Response to “Help Harris – Buy Art Prints”

  1. Galdersorg Says:

    He should invest in the new solid state hard drives. There’s no moving parts, it’s lightning fast and it can’t crash.




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