Inkwell Awards Winners Revised

The Inkwell Awards have revised their winners list.

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The Inkwell Award committee announces with deep regret that founder, Tim Townsend, due to personal reasons has decided to step down from his position and return his awards. Tim has made this decision due to a series of unfounded and malicious personal attacks upon his character and integrity and time constraints which prevent him from giving his fullest attention for the awards for 2009.

By “personal attacks”, I think they mean pointing out how much of a conflict of interest it is for one of the Award organizers to also be a winner, as I did. I never saw any actual attacks on Townsend, but those behind the Awards took the whole discussion rather badly, as you can see in comments at that link.

Anyway, now, of the 10 awards, Danny Miki won 5 of them. That’s… not particularly diverse. I still think there’s too many award categories without clear distinction in this program. We’ll see, if they happen again next year, what revisions, if any, are made.

10 Responses to “Inkwell Awards Winners Revised”

  1. Daniel Best Says:

    No, there was no conflict of interest here Johanna- that exists only in your mind. Tim has stepped down for his own reasons, instead of attacking the man and the awards how about doing something, well, positive, for once. Or is that beyond you?

  2. James Schee Says:

    Daniel, uhm I’m guessing since it says in the press release “Tim has made this decision due to a series of unfounded and malicious personal attacks upon his character and integrity” that more than just Johanna wonder about conflict of interest.

    Its hard for even established awards in comics to be taken seriously these days. So a new one like this one, for a side of the business that for the most part is impossible for anyone, outside of those actually doing the work, to know anything about.

    Well it has to go above and beyond to make sure everything is clearly above board. And while whether it truly exists or not, someone involved in the creation of an award winning does bring up conflict of interest questions.

    Just as if Johanna decided to create a “Best Comic Bloggers” award her winning any (whether deserved or not) would raise the same questions.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I’m not attacking, and have never attacked, Townsend. Instead, I’ve pointed out ways that this fledgling awards program could improve its perception and be taken more seriously.

    If you think 25% of the awards being won by the program organizers isn’t a conflict of interest, then we don’t have much common ground to continue discussion.

  4. odessa steps magazine Says:

    Isnt the appearance or perception of impropriety just as dangerous as actual impropriety?

  5. Johanna Says:

    It’s my understanding that that’s the point of conflict of interest prohibitions, yes, to avoid other people thinking something untoward is going on, whether or not it actually is.

  6. Daniel Best Says:

    So you’d say that a person who is paid by a company, or companies, either with cash and/or free comics, books and the like, and then gives those comics positive reviews has a conflict of interest as well?

    You exist in a very fragile glass house there Johanna. Here’s an idea for you – how about making contact with one of the commitee before you start making asumptions? Or is it too much to ask that you inform yourself about a topic in which you feel you can comment with some degree of expertise?

  7. Johanna Says:

    No, I wouldn’t call getting review copies conflict of interest, and your trying to make them such is quite a reach.

    What would contacting the committee have resulted in? A statement that “No, we don’t think it’s a conflict”? We got that already. And they’re wrong — as Odessa pointed out above, conflict of interest rules are about perception, and it just looks wrong for the committee to win so many of the awards. I am making no assumptions, just pointing that out.

    If the committee thinks there’s more than should be known on this topic, they’re welcome to make additional statements, either publicly or to me personally — but their only responses so far have been personal attacks of the kind you’re posting. That’s not very mature, or conducive to further discussion. And I doubt they’re going to change people’s minds on this subject, which seems to be the goal (and one definitely not achievable through the mud-throwing approach they’ve selected).

  8. Marc-Oliver Frisch Says:

    “No, there was no conflict of interest here Johanna- that exists only in your mind.”

    Oh, come on, now.

    It’s not exactly a novel concept for organizers of an award to !NOT BE ELIGIBLE AS NOMINEES!, let alone winners. Whining about it and crying foul when someone points out the obvious doesn’t make you look any better.

    I can absolutely sympathize with the agenda to get inkers the credit they’re due, but the face the Inkwell Awards is putting on here is deeply unprofessional. They’re not going to do their trade any favors with this nonsense.

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