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Memorable comic deaths … as staged by Peeps. That last one took me a minute to recognize. Love the Peep bat wings!

Congratulations to In His Likeness for reaching its 500th episode. Sean Kleefeld does a better job telling you why it’s cool than I did.

At Never-Safe-for-Work Icarus Comics, Simon points out that buying print ads was much more effective in driving sales than online banners:

The most simple break-down of manga readers to me are those who do (or potentially would) spend money, and those who don’t (and may never) spend money on our books.

His conclusion is that print magazine readers have clearly demonstrated that they will spend money on reading material, and so they’re a more effective target. Even though the online community might be a better match for their material in terms of interest, those online readers may not be willing to buy reading material at all. Interesting experiment, and smart publisher.

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