Resurrection #1

As a side effect of my dislike of zombie stories, I’m not usually one for post-apocalyptic tales either. But this one’s got me hooked. I blame writer Marc Guggenheim’s experience on TV shows like The Practice and CSI: Miami; he clearly knows how to structure an installment so that it’s satisfying but brings you back next time. And artist David Dumeer’s got a talent for stories about destroying the world; he previously illustrated Armageddon & Son, about villains who wanted to do the same.

Resurrection #1 cover

Seriously, his strength is drawing regular people in abnormal situations, and that’s the case here. Bug aliens invaded the earth. That’s standard sci-fi. What’s unusual is that this story picks up afterwards — the aliens have gone home, and the humans are venturing back out from underground to see what’s left of their world. People are still scared, posturing, aggressive, fearful, but as a reader, there’s a sense of really not knowing what’s going to happen to next. That’s truly rare in serial comics, and refreshing. It’s a new world in more ways than one.

I especially felt for Sara, setting out to see her son. There’s one page where she’s drawn as a static head shot, no eyes, just pools of shadow, while the background changes behind her to show her determination as she just keeps moving toward her goal. It’s a subtle technique but all the more powerful for it.

The setting still allows for creepy creatures and necessary violent acts, staples of science-fiction adventure, but it’s the strong sense of character that will bring me back. Aside from Sara’s road quest, there’s a scientist with a captured alien left behind, and political black humor with the denizens of the White House (currently housed at Mount Weather, the huge underground bunker).

Sara’s search is resolved promptly, a pleasant surprise in comparison to so many first issues that are all setup, but in a shocking way that demonstrates Guggenheim knows what he’s doing. In addition to setting up a dynamite premise and immediately involving characters, he’s also a master of the “where’s the next issue already?” cliffhanger.

If this sounds good, look for the next four issues, already out (because I am slow). They get even better.

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